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Quick Hits: “24” Season 8 — 21:00 to 22:00

February 2nd, 2010

Another Quick Hitter for last night's 24

Oh, 24. Why do you subject us to great tests of our capacity to suspend disbelief.  Twas tested again, last night.  And, of course, we were already planning for next Monday’s meal.

The folks came over to watch and my Mom brought her pesto pasta with shrimp and Greek salad.  A fine, if calorie laden meal… one with enough carbs to get through the ordeal of watch Renee pimp herself out to a rapist and Jack show his incredible fluency in yet another language — by my count, he’s fluent in English, Spanish, Russian, German and maybe another language or two (I assume he picked up Mandarin in captivity).

My quick hits, after the jump.

I’m going to keep this one short as there wasn’t really much to this episode, though it was somewhat action packed. In addition, I’ve got some work to do in anticipation of tonight’s LOST premiere.

Where Is This All-Night Fancy Clinic, And Is It Covered By Obama-Care?

Sark (AKA, David Anders playing Josef Bazhaev) has taken his ailing brother to an all-night private clinic with a ridiculously fancy lobby.  That’s doesn’t stretch the imagination too much, as some doctors have quite nice offices and many accommodate patients by staying open late… even until 9 or 10 p.m., our time frame here.  But those are very, very rare.

Yet the episode treads on my patience by having us seriously believe there is a lab that can turn blood test results for radiation poisoning in less than 45 minutes… at 9:30 PM.  Really… really.  Fox, are you really so opposed to health care reform that you’ll try to make the good, deity-fearing, flag-waiving, torturing red staters that make up 24‘s audience believe that they can drop in on their doctor after dinner and expect to get a one hour diagnosis of radiation poison… and treatment to boot.

I'm not sure if this is Tomb Raider Chloe or merely some kind of new internet fetish meme.

Fortunately for President Obama, the Russian mob killed the doctors, thereby scaring off others from offering 24-7 full service, impeccable care in a privatized system.  Unfortunately for Fred Phelps and his ilk, killing abortion doctors doesn’t have the same effect.  Suck it… wackos.

You Shall Not Ignore Chloe’s Natural Sex Appeal

It turns out you don’t need a fetish for awkward tics to find Chloe O’Brien hot.  Arlo confronts Chloe about Starbuck’s awkward behavior; behavior which is caused by her setting up a score for an ex-boyfriend… nope… nothing special going on here… just a major terrorist attack so let’s go about with our normal tangential storylines that are preposterous.

At least someone has finally caught on to the fact that Starbuck ain’t who she says she is (and no, I don’t mean she’s a Viper pilot… or really an angel or something).  Arlo is too caught up in finding Starbuck hot to notice this earlier.

Chloe then accuses him of sexual harassment before saying she too would be offended if he gawked at her rear every time she walked away — at which point she stormed off wagging her tail like she was dancing to Honky Tonk Bedonkadonk.  God bless her.

I Know You’re Busy Trying to Prevent a Nuclear Arms Sale, But Could You Please Stop Letting Your Citizens Tweet

Yep… every time there’s a terrorist attack on a country (like… say… an assassination attempt at the UN on the President), the first thing the international community cares about in the subsequent 2.5 hours is whether or not due process is being followed in bringing in suspects.

After 9/11 it’s not like Muslim citizens were swooped up by the FBI like Bruce Willis running The Siege… which, by the by, is a scary precursor to 9/11 in many ways.


Well, anyways, in New York after 9/11 and in London after 7/11 and in Spain after the Madrid bombings, the rights of citizens and residents both innocent and guilty were just forgotten temporarily (and not so temporarily).  While in the Siege the Keith Olberman set wins out morally, the reality is that 3 hours after the UN attack the diplomats at the meeting couldn’t give a poop about what President Hassan is doing in his crackdown on the plot to kill him (and buy nukes).

Yet somehow, President Hillary Clint… err… Allison Taylor is still working to balance her own outrage and her need to keep the peace talks going.  No matter how many avatars are turned green, I’m not buying the extension of the twitter revolution in Iran to a scenario like this.  That’s almost as unbelievable as Jack being the wuss to Renee’s high risk taker.

Anyways, time to wrap up another edition of Quick Hits.  I actually quite enjoyed this episode.  Despite my gripes above, it really wasn’t all that preposterous and the predictability was offset by the ludicrous nature of the above described Chloe scene.  Absolutely classic.

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