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SEC Hoops Power Poll: Conference Week 4

February 3rd, 2010

The timing on the Blogosphere Power Poll is has shifted to Sunday/Monday, making things easier for Phil from Save the Shield and I got our picks for Conference Week 4 of Southeastern Conference Hoops in with a modicum of intelligence and appropriate timing.

Obviously, Vanderbilt and Tennessee flipped in the who wants to finish second to Wall, Bledsoe and Punchy McCousins in Lexington.  I’m sorry, that’s insensitive.  You flash a forearm, rather than punching with it.  The big mover is really Florida, hopping up to fourth on our ballot.

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump.

The official decision is that it's not a punch if you could close your eyes, put your fingers in your ears, scream "LaLaLaLaLa" and tell yourself that Demarcus has never taken a swing at a Cardinal, Gamecock fan or Commodore. Yep... see no evil, hear no evil. The new motto of the Blue Mist.

Conference Week 4 Power Poll:

  1. Kentucky – This is, ultimately, a team that is talented enough that it will not lose to anyone at home or on a neutral court, so long as the freshman stay focused and Cousins doesn’t start getting ejected for his flying forearms.
  2. Vanderbilt – There is no reason to rate the ‘Dores behind anyone not named Kentucky. The first ten minutes on Wednesday against MSU will speak volumes about whether this is a contender or pretender.
  3. Tennessee – Collapsing down the stretch against Vandy and barely hanging on against Florida may be ominous as far as UT’s chances in the east, but that should not overshadow how hard this team has battled to overcome its personnel losses.
  4. Florida – They deserve better since their only three losses have been to the top three teams in our ballot. If they played in the West, they might be 6-1 right now!
  5. Mississippi State – Jarvis Varnardo may have the largest wingspan in the nation, but is that span enough to help bridge the gap between the top of the SEC East and the meager pickings in the SEC West?
  6. Ole Miss – Ole Miss is a team that really should be better. In fact, the state of Mississippi should be a spot or two higher on this list than they are. But they aren’t going to get much cred for knocking off the rest of the West.
  7. South Carolina – Three very respectable losses in conference, but their OOC is nothing to get excited about. And ultimately, if your only chance of victory is counting on circus shots, you’ll place better on Sportcenter’s Top 10 than you will on this list.
  8. Alabama – Alabama is the quintessential example of mixing a ton of athleticism with a little talent and no organization. Perhaps they might just decide to save our ears and pull Mark Gottfried back from the SEC Network.
  9. Georgia – Georgia’s win over UT was monumental for the program, but it really does little more than remind us that, while this is a team that’s still a couple of years from competing in the league, for now, UGA is just going to play spoiler.
  10. Arkansas – Was there an uglier sight than Arkansas’ offense against Alabama? The gameplan going forward is clear for all Hawg opponents: face guard Rotnei and let Courtney dig himself a hole with 26 foot prayers.
  11. Auburn – Much as with Georgia earlier in the year, people are starting to realize that Auburn is better than their record indicates. They’re not going to the postseason, but they will beat someone they shouldn’t.
  12. LSU – Yes, they are that bad and, no, they aren’t going to get any better. It’s too early for Trent Johnson to find himself on the hot seat…. we think.

The Full Results are up at Garnet and Black.

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