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Tuesday Site Update and Random Fun

February 9th, 2010

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last week and have gotten way behind in doing updates.  As a result of said illness, my fam decided to push 24 this week to a double dose next week.  Hopefully there will be more of naughty Chloe next week for my 24 Quick Hits.  I do plan on doing LOST Quick Hits after tonight’s episode, but I’ve been delinquent in doing the SEC Power Poll with Phil from Save The Shield.  Finally, I hope to get back to doing LOST Recaps.  Next up is the Jeremy Bentham episode which I do really want to write about.  Hopefully I’ll do that this week.

Anyway, to get away from my dreariness and the update central, here’s the fun stuff I found on the interwebs this morning.  All in the form of cartoon, with one outstanding video, to boot.

Click on through to view.

A History of the Universe, in graphical (and somewhat seashell-ish) form.

To clarify, Sarah Palin is on the right side of the table, not the left.

Part 1 of 2 in "Cannot Unsee: Geography Edition."

And the wrap-up for "Cannot Unsee: Geography Edition." I'm hoping Pedobear isn't too obscure for the broader interwebs.

And we wrap up with an awesome display of stop motion videography (and use of t-shirts).

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