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Quick Hits: LOST S6, E4 — “The Substitute”

February 17th, 2010

"The Substitute" focuses on John Locke in the parallel universe and the MIB on the Island universe.

Well, last night’s edition of LOST was easily my favorite of the early season and perhaps the best episode since “The Constant”, in my opinion.  Perhaps it is solely because it revolved around the Island’s most intriguing character.  Maybe it was the insight into the Jacob – Man in Black struggle.  Maybe it was just the minute details of a life changed in the parallel universe.  One way or another, it added up to awesome.

We got to see some familiar faces, such as Peggy Bundy (Katey Segal) as Locke’s formerly lost love Helen. Her steadfast dedication to John is a reminder of the hurt she felt when she decided she had to leave him (this occurred in the first couple of seasons, maybe the second, because John remained fully obsessed with tracking his father).  The most notable Helen moments involved two acts:  the second was her tearing up Jack’s card and giving up on the idea of destiny and fate at John having run into a spinal surgeon.  The second, more intriguing one was that she suggested they get married “shotgun” style with only her parents and John’s father in attendance.  Two “whoa”s there: 1) Helen is preggers? and 2) John and his father have a relationship?  If Locke and his father aren’t at loggerheads, then what led him to be a cripple?

Also intriguing was the fact that John seemingly went on his walkabout and presumably was allowed to — based on the fact that he missed his whole conference and was in Australia for a week.  [Apparently I’m wrong about that, it was noted in the episode that he was not allowed on it.] In the prior universe, John was not permitted to board the walkabout bus and was shuttled back to Sydney for an early departure on 815.  I’m not quite sure what to make of it.  I’m going to have to rewatch with that in mind.

More quick hits, after the jump:

–          I was very disappointed with the scene in which Sawyer nearly falls off the cliff.  For the first time in history, I felt like the show betrayed itself with poor production value.  It was too easy to see the stunt double and the safety wires. And the poor production value was really of little import, as the falling Sawyer provided no great advance to the storyline

The writings are sure to be analyzed and over-analyzed in the coming days.

–          Indeed the numbers were by the names, as set forth by the MIB:

  • 4 – [John] Locke
  • 8 – [Hugo] Reyes
  • 15 – [Sayid] Jarrah
  • 16 – [James “Sawyer”] Ford
  • 23 – [Jack] Shephard
  • 42 – [Sun or Jin] Kwon

But more intriguing to me were the remnants of names crossed out.  I certainly didn’t catch them all, but here were a few:

  • 313 – [Claire] Littleton
  • 90 – [Gary] Troupe (this was a reference to a novel tie in called “Bad Twin” by a fictional character named Gary Troupe who was on Flight 815 — I started, but did not finish the book)
  • 140 – [Charlotte] Lewis
  • 119 and 272 – Almeida [I have no idea who this referred to, much less twice… was it Paolo and Nicki?]

Notably absent from the wall was Kate as a “candidate”, though she was interacting with Jacob.  Meanwhile, prominently featured on the wall is the word “VEI”.  This appears to be a reference to the latin root “wind”.

I’m sure there will be much online discussion about the wall and the etchings.  I loved the Lasceux nature of it all and the contrast with the blacklight paintings in the hatch.

Who was the mysterious kid Locke followed into the woods?

–         There were plenty of coinkidinks in this episode.  John’s life was scattershot with characters from the plane, but the two most notable were certainly the guiding forces of Hugo and Rose.  Hugo, in the alternate universe, really does appear to be a completely different, more confident person.  His positive outlook on life is a complete change, though his hatred of Mr. Cluck’s manager Randy is unchanged.

Rose, meanwhile, is the same steadying force as on the Island.  Her speech to John was easily one of the most calming and pleasant moments of an outstanding episode.

–          Sawyer and the MIB/Locke officially team up and appear to agree to leave the Island together at the end of the episode.  This appears to infer that the individual keeping the MIB trapped was Jacob himself.  That for so long as both did not agree to depart, neither could leave due to a stalemate.

[Updated Paragraph]

–         I can’t believe I forgot to mention the Kid.  The one that Locke and Sawyer saw (but that Richard couldn’t see).  While one might initially think it was simply a young Jacob, the kid looked a tremendous amount like Emilie de Raven which makes me think he was cast to be a somewhat aged Aaron.

I watched the episode late last night, so I’m going to cut off these quick hit thoughts a bit prematurely.  Until next week, here a great image created by a guy named John Cabrera.  It’s a subway style map of the locations on the Island.  Click it to enlarge.

  1. Stu
    February 17th, 2010 at 12:44 | #1

    Locke didn’t go on the walkabout. He told Helen as much. They wouldn’t let him, so he started yelling at them, etc.

  2. admin
    February 17th, 2010 at 12:49 | #2

    Oops. Thanks Stu. I somehow missed that.

  3. March 30th, 2015 at 17:15 | #3

    I knwo that nobody looked at this in ages but just wanted to say that the map is designed in a wrong way. The top of the island is facing east, not north. Also the locations of different places is wrong two mainly because of the island’s wrong placed.

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