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FollowFriday: @steveleandre on Twitter

March 5th, 2010

Steve Tchiengang might be the baddest mofo on an SEC basketball court, but he’s also a nice, kind and generous soul off the court.  That’s reflected on his Twitter account which he updates regularly.

Steve really brought the pain in both games against Kentucky, playing hard, physical defense and pounding the boards.

Sometimes his posts are just a little hard to follow without context:

How bout this monkey on sportsnation that is waiting? Kind of freaky.

@AWalk24 u ain’t going to like it much if u keep playing with me hahah. Give me tht Jesus piece n I will stop bothering u.

But mostly they’re just reflective of the awesomeness that is Steve T:

I’m mesmerized by what I’m watching in this class. There are some crazy stuffs in this world.

Bout to take off heading back to Nashville. This how the Dores roll

An american man kicked off the plane for smelling bad… Thts funny n terrible hahahah

a friend asked me “who u play on saturday” n i say “UK” and she replied “Why are u going all the way to United Kingdom?” tht made me laugh

If you want to follow a kickass athlete with a positive outlook on life and a penchant for updating the Twitter world on the everyday goings-on of a true student-athlete, you need to follow Steve T.

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