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SEC Hoops Power Poll: Final Regular Season Poll

March 9th, 2010

In what will likely be our last collaboration of the year, Phil from Save the Shield and I have put together our picks for final Regular Season power poll for Southeastern Conference Hoops.

We’ve taken the last couple of weeks off as, to be honest, there’s been almost no movement in the SEC and things really aren’t terribly fluid.  There was a moment where folks thought Vandy might challenge Kentackalacky and a brief glimmer of hope that one of the Mississippi teams might actually represent the SEC West well enough to earn an at large.  Sadly, neither came to fruition.  Now, everything rests in Nashville where Florida needs to win two games and Mississippi State and Ole Miss each need to win three (AKA win it all) in order to make the NCAA tournament.

Before the list, we first have the awards (with runner’s up).

  • Player of the Year – Demarcus Cousins, Kentucky (runner up: John Wall, Kentucky)
  • Freshman of the Year – Demarcus Cousins, Kentucky (runner up: John Wall, Kentucky)
  • Coach of the Year – Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt (runner up: Bruce Pearl, Tennessee)

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump.


Seen here punching a Louisville player, Demarcus Cousins may have been a punk, but he was by far the most dominant and important force in the SEC this season. As such, he earns the nod for When It Strikes Me's SEC Player of the Year for 2009-10.

Final Regular Season Power Poll:

  1. Kentucky – They might be the best team in America… given that no team seems to want to embrace that crown this year.
  2. Vanderbilt – Just barely, though. All the road wins are nice, but the efficiency stats have us worried.
  3. Tennessee – Completed the top 4 teams’ 24-0 record against the West. Natural disasters have done less damage.
  4. Florida – Oh Calathes… had you not left and Tyler Smith not gone all Ruby Ridge in Knoxville, the SEC East could have had four Final Four contenders.
  5. Mississippi State – Jarvis Varnardo… yawn… wingspan… wink… dang the West was bad and boring this year.
  6. Ole Miss – When all the Cincinnati cab-driver jokes have grown stale, when the desperation push for the bubble has run out of steam, we’re left with a disappointing season. And maybe an early reservation for next year’s hot seat?
  7. Arkansas- Sign hanging in Razorback locker room: “114 Days Since Last Tweet Joke About Rape.”
  8. South Carolina– Are we the only ones who think Devan Downey is the most overrated player to ever be anointed the most underrated player in America. If he was on a better team he wouldn’t be taking the ridiculous shots he takes.
  9. Georgia – They may be 9th on our ballot, but we’re betting they’re about the 4th or 5th most likely team to win out in Nashville.
  10. Alabama – The state’s sports pages were fascinated by the new gray unis. The fans were more excited about Saban showing up at halftime.
  11. Auburn – I asked the magic 8 ball if Jeff Lebo could escape for one more season. Terse reply: “Yes”. I’ll believe it when I see it.
  12. Louisiana State – Mercifully just one more loss remains this season.

The Full Results are up at Garnet and Black.

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