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SEC Power Poll – All SEC Teams

March 30th, 2010

SEC Basketball has come to an end for 2010.  With Tennessee’s elimination at the hands of Michigan State in the Midwest Region Final, there are no more SEC games to be played, so I figured it was time to release the When[It]StrikeMe All-SEC teams for 2009-2010.  I’ve loaded up your standard fare of All-Conference Performers, as well as All-Villain Team, All-Glue, All-Name, All-Smooth, All-Freak-Athlete and All-Wait-Till-Next-Year teams.  Let’s start with the individual awards.

Coach of the Year. At the end of Conference Play, I was ready to follow the Coaches and give this one to Kevin Stallings of Vanderbilt.  Not only was that the homer pick, but it was also the wrong one.  There are some arguments against Bruce Pearl, but he is the Coach of the Year.  Pearl’s Vols have overcome tremendous shortcomings on their roster to end up as the last SEC team standing, earning the Vols program’s first Elite Eight.  It is true that Pearl brought the troublemakers that caused those roster problems into the program; however, at the very least one has to appreciate that he actually disciplined his offenders (unlike a certain reptilian coach to the north).  For that, I grant thee Pearl the Coach of the Year.  Runners Up (Tie) – Stallings and John Calipari (Kentucky).

Yes, this man-child... Demarcus Cousins... dominated the SEC this year.

Player of the Year & Freshman of the Year.  Some people seem dead set on giving John Wall the annointed status as best SEC player.  I’m sorry, he’s not even the best player on his own team.  Granted, on a team that starts four potential lottery picks for this year’s draft, not being the best doesn’t mean a whole lot; nevertheless, the guy I’m watching and who I believe was the most singularly dominating SEC performer in several years was Demarcus Cousins.  In a year in which he wasn’t even expected to be a candidate for Player of the Year or Freshman of the Year… hidden by characters such as Wall, USC’s Devan Downey, UT’s Tyler Smith, MSU’s Jarvis Varnardo and Vanderbilt’s AJ Ogilvy, Cousins snuck up on people.  Or at least he snuck up on folks as much as a phenomenal, freak-beast at 6’10” 260lbs can.  He’s arguably the most athletic big man in amateur basketball and turned into a double double machine while dominating the best post players in the SEC.  The only real downturn for Demarcus is that the most physically mature player in the league was also the most immature.  He loved flashing his elbows and lost his cool on numerous occasions.  Regardless of his personality disorders, Cousins was the best player and the best newcomer in the league.  Runner Up (Both Awards) – Wall.

Sixth Man of the Year.  This was really somewhat of a thin award pool.  No sixth man really dominated in any tangible measure, so it ended up falling by default to Vanderbilt’s shooting wunderkind, John Jenkins.  The SEC leader in three-point shooting at 48.3% actually shot 50.7% from downtown if you remove the 0-7 performance against Georgia.  In the Georgia game, Jenkins played through a flu that hospitalized him for two days the next night.  Anyway, Jenkins eventually ended up starting seven games as his unreal stroke could not be left on the bench.  It goes without saying that he will not be eligible for an SEC sixth man award again.  Runners Up (Tie) – Chandler Parsons (Florida) and Zach Graham (Ole Miss).

Click through for the All-SEC Teams

All-SEC First Team.  I’ve elected to produce two five man teams with at least one post, one forward and two guards on each team.

Vanderbilt's Jermaine beal was arguably the SEC's best floor general in 2009-2010.

Guard – John Wall (Kentucky)

Guard – Jermaine Beal (Vanderbilt)

Forward – Trey Thompkins  (Georgia)

Forward – Demarcus Cousins (Kentucky)

Forward – Jarvis Varnardo (Mississippi State)

All-SEC Second Team.  Some folks who were close, but no cigar include Erving Walker of Florida, Chris Warren of Ole Miss, Dee Bost of Mississippi State and Taz Mitchell of LSU.

Guard – Devan Downey (South Carolina)

Guard – Jeffery Taylor (Vanderbilt)

Forward – Patrick Patterson (Kentucky)

Forward – Wayne Chism (Tennessee)

Center – AJ Ogilvy (Vanderbilt)

All-Villain Team.  This squad is the team that fans love to hate, deservingly or not.  I’d like to note that the emphatic selections on this and further lists are denoted by asterisks.  In this case, we have the leagues biggest punk (Cousins), it’s biggest showboat (Prince) and it’s biggest ass who tweets jokes about rape victims (Fortson) [Legal disclosure – Fortson tweeted a joke about an alleged victim who said she was raped by his teammates… the Arkansas booster serving as District Attorney chose not to pursue charges].

Wayne Chism's headband actually would have made the All-SEC third team even without it's heady host.

Guard – Courtney Fortson* (Arkansas)

Guard – JP Prince* (Tennessee)

Forward – Demarcus Cousins* (Kentucky)

Forward – Wayne Chism (Tennessee)

Center – AJ Ogilvy (Vanderbilt)

Coach – John Calipari (Kentucky)

Sixth Man – JaMychal Green (Alabama)

All-Glue/Intangibles Team.  This squad is full of the “glue guys” who don’t get the spotlight, but are the folks behind the scenes who get it done and earn the wins in the trenches.  The captain of this squad is Patrick Patterson, who is also the only guy who was a possible All-American at the start of the year.  Only on a team with John Wall and Demarcus Cousins could he be a glue guy and not the go-to guy.  Fox earns coaching honors for being the best at coaching up a weak roster.  PS. There really weren’t that many solid glue guys this year, as reflected by the number of big names on this list.

Guard – Chandler Parsons (Florida)

Forward – Andre Walker (Vanderbilt)

Forward – Patrick Patterson* (Kentucky)

Forward – Wayne Chism (Tennessee)

Forward – Jarvis Varnardo (Mississippi State)

Coach – Mike Fox (Georgia)

Sixth Man – Storm Warren (LSU)

All-Name Team.  This is, quite simply, the team filled with the best names in the SEC.  The captain is Julysses Nobles of Arkansas, who’s name defies encapsulation in its brilliance.

Auburn All-Name 6th Man Rob Chubb wins for irony. At 6-11, he weighs just 220 lbs.

Guard – Rotnei Clarke (Arkansas)

Guard – Ben Eblen (Alabama)

Guard – Julysses Nobles* (Arkansas)

Forward – Johndre Jefferson (South Carolina)

Forward – Steve Tchiengang (Vanderbilt)

Coach – Tom Ostrom (Arkansas Assistant)

Sixth Man – Rob Chubb (Auburn)

All-Smooth Team.  These are the guys who are “silky smooth” on the floor.  They range from the obvious (Wall) to the big (Varnardo), but all of them play with a certain grace.

Guard – John Wall* (Kentucky)

Guard – Devan Downey (South Carolina)

Guard – Scotty Hopson (Tennessee)

Guard – Jeffery Taylor (Vanderbilt)

Forward – Jarvis Varnardo (Mississippi State)

Coach – Billy Donovan (Florida)

Sixth Man – John Jenkins (Vanderbilt)

All-Freak-Athlete Team.  Jump through the roof much?  You do if you’re our co-captains, Travis Leslie and Jeffery Taylor.  Arguably, Demarcus Cousins is the best athlete on this list, and certainly the most freakish, but Leslie and Taylor just play so darn far above the rim.  Anthony Grant earns coach honors, because he looks like he’s probably the only coach who might still be able to throw it down.  As a special treat, I’ve linked youtube videos of some of the hard dunks of the members of this team.  The Leslie on Cousins dunk is unreal.

Gerald Robinson Jr. could have Georgia in great stead if Travis Leslie and Trey Thompkins are around to help out coach Mike Fox.

Guard – Scotty Hopson (Tennessee)

Guard – Travis Leslie* (Georgia)

Guard – Jeffery Taylor* (Vanderbilt)

Forward – Trey Thompkins (Georgia)

Forward – Demarcus Cousins (Kentucky)

Coach – Anthony Grant (Alabama)

Sixth Man – Senario Hillman (Alabama)

All-Wait-Till-Next-Year Team.  Some players are good already, but show the potential to be real breakout stars for next year.  Not eligible for this are any players who will probably not be around next year (most notably, Eric Bledsoe of Kentucky, who’s draft stock has recently skyrocketed).  The captain of this team is actually a newcomer, Gerald Robinson Jr. of Georgia, who transferred from Tennessee State.

Guard – Gerald Robinson Jr* (Georgia)

Guard – John Jenkins (Vanderbilt)

Guard – Travis Leslie (Georgia)

Forward – Storm Warren (LSU)

Center – Daniel Orton (Kentucky)

Coach – Mike Fox (Georgia)

Sixth Man – Frankie Sullivan (Auburn)

  1. Hunter
    March 30th, 2010 at 12:33 | #1

    Not gonna lie… Jeff Taylor’s dunk videos are the best. But Senario Hillman looks ridiculous in his.

  2. admin
    March 30th, 2010 at 16:06 | #2

    Hunter, Leslie is hands down the best dunker in the SEC. Hillman is ferocious and Jeffery is the guy with the most bounce, but Leslie is just ridiculous.

  3. admin
    March 31st, 2010 at 16:33 | #3

    And for the record, I think the world of AJ Ogilvy, but if you look at SEC fans of other teams, it’s clear he’s on their villain list.

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