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SEC Power Poll: Week 12

November 25th, 2009

Once again, this week’s SEC Power Poll Entry is a true collaborative effort. STS’s Philip took the first crack and I filled in some of the gaps. Look for the final results when Team Speed Kills releases them on Wednesday morning.

1. Alabama

The Crimson Tide beat a team named after pieces of Native American footwear. That just doesn’t impress us.

2. Florida

The only thing that could have made this game worth watching would be if Isiah Thomas decided to coach the FIU football team too. Yawn.

3. Ole Miss

Ah, bittersweet November: the Month Houston Nutt ponders what might have been, had he not made such a hash out of September and October (also the month his texting thumb’s arthritis starts acting up in the cold).

4. LSU

We heard that Les Miles really meant to accept the Michigan Job. He just couldn’t get back to them before time ran out.


5. South Carolina

The middle of the SEC is more muddled than Steve Spurrier’s accomplishments since taking the Gamecock job.

6. Tennessee

81 Vols became Bowl-eligible over the weekend and two became diversion program-eligible, but three others will have to wait awhile before they become parole-eligible. It’s like Fullmer never left.

7. Georgia

Losing a home game to UK in spectacularly bad fashion is hardly a fitting tribute to UGA VII. On the bright side, the loss does not go on UGA VIII’s official game record. So it’s like the second half never happened, right?

8. Auburn

Will it be Jekyll or Hyde this weekend in the Iron Bowl?

9. Arkansas

Arkansas’s performance only reinforces that Petrino will have Arkansas ready soon… and perhaps that keeping Ryan Mallet might have been a better decision for Michigan than hiring Rich Rodriguez.

10. Kentucky

A huge road win to spoil Georgia’s tribute to UGA VII game, and yet the story is more about both a dog and a disappointed Richt than it is the bowl bound Wildcats.

11. Mississippi State

State got shellacked by the Arkansas offense, thereby ending the bowl hopes of the best 4-7 team in college football.

12. Vanderbilt

The only real question is whether a season this miserable can put Bobby Johnson on the hot seat after taking VU to its first bowl in 25 years.

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