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March Madness – My Brackets

March 17th, 2010

So I’ve gone ahead and completed my brackets for March Madness.  I did them both on gut instinct with no research into efficiency metrics or any other tactic (especially not mascots), so we’ll see how they turn out.  I usually go into a bit more detail in my research.

Anyways, I’ve produced one homer bracket and one real bracket… the most substantive difference is that I have several picks that I’d like to see in my homer bracket, while the real bracket is what I think will actually happen.

In the meantime, also worth a read is this great piece by Clay Travis on the death of Freeda Simmons and its impact on the Vanderbilt-Murray State game.  Simmons was a nurse at Vanderbilt Medical Center and the mother of Murray State player Picasso Simmons.  Further, Picasso and Vandy freshman John Jenkins knew each other quite well as the only two D1 players to come out of Station Camp High School in Tennessee.  C’Lay does a really nice job telling the story in the article.

Click on through for a view of my brackets.

Homer Bracket

Final Four: Ohio State, Vanderbilt, West Virginia, Baylor

Championship Game: Ohio State, West Virginia

Champion: West Virginia

Best Upset Pick: Tie.  Texas over Kentucky for karmic purposes and San Diego State over Tennessee for headband purposes.

Realization: I can’t believe I just picked someone to win it all (in Huggins) who actually might be more corrupt than John Calipari.

Click to see full sized bracket.

Real Bracket

Final Four: Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia, Villanova

Championship Game: Kansas, West Virginia

Champion: Kansas

Best Upset Pick: UTEP over Butler. Gordon Hayward is great, but Derrick Character has the potential to manhandle anything Butler can throw at him inside.

Note: I neglected to fill in that I have MSU beating Maryland in the round of 32 (Midwest/Spokane pod).

Realization: Advancing Kentackalacky to the Elite Eight hurt only as much as advancing Huggy Bear past them.  And, it’s duly noted that Kansas is far from a clean program itself.

Click to see full sized bracket.

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