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FollowFriday: @Henry_IX on Twitter

March 26th, 2010

What possible person could combine the following traits: i) local Nashville celebrity, ii) radio personality, iii) born-again Christian, iv) pimp and v) looks like the Black Adder?  Give up?  There’s only one and he’s SportsXtra host and friend of this blog, Henry Nichols.

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Which one is a local Nashville celebrity and which is a minor BBC celebrity? Give up?

He’s the brash half of the dynamic duo who light up WNSR’s airwaves and interwebs most nights with banter on sports both national and local.  But his tweets are often some of his best stuff.  Let’s take a look at a few:

Which #DrDre lyric=#KingHenry? “Big money, big nuts and a big fat chronic sack” or…

…”I’m expressin’ with my full capabilities; now I’m livin’ in correctional facilities”?

#Kentucky vs. #Cornell? This is either going to be really embarrassing or #Valvano-legendary…or both.

By the way Henry, it turned out it was neither.

“I’m getting back to my old roots.” –#TigerWoods…What? The Champagne Room? Please…

This will be an entertaining month of ‘people watching’ on @FoxNews and should be really good for #TheDailyShow. Thanks, @BarackObama!  😉

You can follow Henry and the SportsXtra show on Twitter here and on Facebook here.  You can even ask him a question (anonymously or not) via his Formspring Account.  Inquiring minds do want to know.

You should definitely follow the Facebook account for always interesting posts on the world of Sports.  And if you hit up his Formspring, make sure to ask whether Rowan Atkinson is actually his daddy.

As always, you should also be following this blog on Facebook, and following on Twitter both W[I]SM and its author.

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