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Epic Science/Twitter Win: Yumium 117

April 8th, 2010

OK, I admit I’m like a nerd without the credentials (American Studies BA instead of a Physics or Chem BS), but I must say I was especially pleased with a certain clever re-Tweet I earned myself today.  As many of you may know, Russian scientists (in concert with some Americans) have collided particles together in a successful effort to recreate a new, super heavy element numbered 117 and temporarily called Ununseptium.

Well, as the team prepares to give it a final name, Wired Science’s Twitter has been helping out by polling followers on what they think the name should be.  I contributed my thought, which got a solid re-Tweet from my all-time favorite magazine.

Click through for images and Epic Victory!

Here's the stream from this afternoon that featured my wit and the quick re-twit.

In any respect, it’s quite clear that Yumium is the best possible name and would be particularly solid if it turns out that 117 is tasty and reproducible with a solid shelf life.

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