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SEC Power Poll Results for Week 11

November 18th, 2009

Phil and I pretty much nailed the standings and had three of our quips selected. Full results are over at Team Speed Kills.

Here are my favorite bits of snark from the bloggers around the SEC Sports-Sphere:


Eh. Seen one Bama game, you’ve seen ’em all.–Rocky Top Talk


LSU’s offense could not offend anybody unless they wore the Confederate flag.–A Sea of Blue


Did the Bulldogs win? These days I only check out Georgia games to see what they’re wearing.–Orange and Blue Hue


Can a team get a defense on eBay?–And The Valley Shook


The Tigers are no longer only the most inconsistent team in the conference from game to game; they showed Saturday they can do it from quarter to quarter, too.–Garnet And Black Attack


Man, do I wish I could wager on things like “‘Cocks will end this promising drive to take a fourth-quarter lead in epically bumbling fashion and never threaten again.” I’d have a new food processor.–War Blog Eagle


The good news for Vandy is that 09 is almost over. Seriously … that’s the only positive thing.–Over the Pylon

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