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Goodnight, Good Friend

May 24th, 2010

The series truly came down to Jack and his destiny. Not how I saw it ended, but I liked it a lot. (Collage image c/o Arrows and Accolades)

I’m not going to even make an effort at a Quick Hits post on tonight’s LOST. I had a couple of friends over for a homemade pizza and LOST party. Now, 6 hours in (halfway through Jimmy Kimmel’s “Aloha LOST”), the friends have headed off an I’m breathing in what I thought was a darn near perfect way to close the series. 

There was no pretense of trying to tie through all of the mythological loose ends; however, it’s perfectly alright.  There was never any over exertion.  There weren’t any truly short shrift answers that left me feeling hollow (well, except what was at the bottom of the waterfall, though they didn’t go deep enough to draw any real criticism for it.  

Above all else, the show was a reunion of sorts that made you appreciate truly just how far things have come.  Looking back as the characters finally clicked was really moving at times… far more so than the sepia overtones would make you think.  I’m sure I wasn’t alone in thinking this really was a nice goodbye. 

That said, I’m sure what everyone really wants to see is the pizza.  Pics after the jump. 

The White Pizza was amazing. The base was cream cheese with chives, scallions and some other stuff. There were also mushrooms and a couple of different kinds of cheese added on top. All on a from scratch crust.

After devouring the White Pizza, we went meaty. This beheamoth was stacked with italian style veal meatballs and pre-fried bacon in a tomato basil sauce with mozarrella and a healthy dollop of parmagiana.

Yeah, the photography on this one wasn't great, but you try taking a photo while holding up that monsterous pizza. Thing had serious calories (and that pizza shovel is massive, so don't be fooled by the scale).

We were pretty much down for the count at this point, but decided to push through with our final pie... a Veggie-Smoke Monster that featured fresh buffalo mozarrella, buried under layers of zuchinni, red onion, tomatos, basil and a couple of other types of cheeses. Oh, and did I mention the garlic?

Fully cooked, it was monsterously good and spicey. And now I have to go running tomorrow. Great night though!

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