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There are plenty of dumb Obama supporters too…

November 25th, 2009

But what strikes me most about this video from the Palin book tour is how much I hate people from Columbus, Ohio. CNN constantly insists that Columbus is the face of America, but I don’t buy it for the following reasons (among others):

  • They like THE ohio state university [new rule is that only the “THE” is permitted to be capitalized further to emphasize that Tosu is THE state university… also to emphasize what jackasses Buckeyes are];
  • They prefer Skyline Chili to just about anything and yet somehow didn’t originate the This Is Why You’re Fat Tumblr;
  • They are fat and content with it — your obesity is the reason healthcare (universal or not) won’t work in our country; and
  • They are the only soccer fans in America.

Mind you, I love soccer… it’s just that I find it depressing that Columbus is the only place it can catch on as a professional sport.


[Video via RobotInDisguise]

Anyway, these f’tards are all politically illiterate, but we’re kidding ourselves if you think similar videos couldn’t just as easily be made about Obama supporters. In fact, here’s what you get if you google “Dumb Obama Supporters”:

Anyways, I’m no Obama hater and I certainly loathe Palin, but let’s not pretend that the famous Leno gig Jay-Walking can’t be replicated for politics quite easily.

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