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InfoGraphic: How Glenn Beck is hurting little old ladies

August 5th, 2010

Glenn Beck is not a good person.  That shouldn’t come as any sort of a surprise to an intelligent individual who a) can think for themselves and b) has been exposed to the world at large through travels, news or talking to people not named Glenn Beck.  Unfortunately, the guy has a large and scary following who dogmatically listen to what he says.  This extends from politics to salesmanship.

There’s been a concerted effort (spearheaded by and other websites) to pressure advertisers to dump Beck.  This has driven him to ingraining low-grade, ethically challenged advertisers like gold companies into both his programming breaks and his programming itself.  So little old ladies now a) still don’t believe that Obama is American and b) are getting hosed in their gold by telephone purchases.  The Big Picture has produced a solid infographic explaining just how.

The lesson learned is that if you’re going to trust a crazy person on Fox, that crazy person should be Sheppard Smith.  Click through for the infographic.

Infographic by The Big Picture

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