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TEDTuesday: Ideas Worth Spreading for the Week of 8/10

August 10th, 2010

I’ve strayed from TED a bit in the last few ones of these.  So why not bring on the queen of the JPL to bring it back into focus.  Especially with the US debut of Wonders of the Solar System this past week on the Science channel, a talk about Saturn and the Cassini probe seemed to be a great idea.  Carolyn Porco is the awesome head of the Imaging Team on Cassini and is a regular on the Science and History channels and the celebrity astrophysicist circuit.

At TED2007 in March 2007, she spoke about Cassini and showed off some of their cooler images.

Click on through for some more science talks.

That last image of the Saturn eclipse is probably the most awe inspiring thing I’ve ever seen.  From the knock on the ass image, we go to the discussion of knock on the ass concepts.  String theory makes some people’s heads hurt.  On most, it just confounds… but in a way that is similarly awe inspiring.  The idea of extra dimensions and the “string theory” of understanding it all is downright cool.

Here’s Brian Green explaining it at TED2005 in February 2005.

Finally, I’ve got a talk that incorporates astrophysics and fringe (but accepted) science.  OK, so Spectroscopy isn’t really fringe science, but it should be.  Using Spectroscopy, scientists use the spectrum of light coming from stars or reflecting off of cosmic objects to determine the composition of those stars or celestial bodies.  This is the type of science which eventually allows us to determine the elemental composition of planets trillions of miles away… or stars themselves that are billions of light years away.

Anyway, here’s Garik Israelian at TEDGlobal 2009, in July of last year.

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