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The Best of xkcd, Part 2 (Science and Math)

August 18th, 2010

If Calvin and Hobbes is my favorite print cartoon (and it is), then its online counterpart is xkcd.  The brainchild of former NASA robotics engineer Randall Munroe, it is a webcomic that mixes romance, sarcasm, math, and language.  Most of all, it speaks to the sense of humor of the internet and geek culture in general.  Some of it is obscure and flies over my head, but a good number of the comics just hit home and tickle the funny bone.  And, in the case of my favorite all-time comic ever (Spirit, featured in this post), tugs at the heart-strings.

xkcd also features a great online store with some cool posters, pins and apparel.  I rock the “Science: It Works….” t-shirt in my wardrobe (though it admittedly gets less use than it should).  Munroe operates under a solid creative commons license, so I’m hosting several of my favorite comics here, though I encourage everyone to visit and to buy the xkcd: volume 0 book on Amazon.

Click on through to see Part 2.

Part 2 features posts relating to science and math.  To see more xkcd favorites, click here.

Alone (click to enlarge)


Large Hadron Collider (click to enlarge)


The Electromagnetic Spectrum (click to enlarge)


Converting To Metric (click to enlarge)


Collatz Conjecture


Science Montage


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