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FollowFriday: @WaffleTruck on Twitter

October 19th, 2010

You can follow Wafels&Dinges on Twitter or just on the web.

A special Tuesday version of #FollowFriday as I’ve been hitting the food trucks and have another scheduled for this Friday. Check out past Food Truck reviews here.

Wafels & Dinges (follow them on Twitter) (full website, including menu, here) is venerated here in the New York food truck scene.  As early as a year or two ago, most would laugh at such a suggestion, but the food truck industry is really big business and to be heralded as a breakthrough venture in the street food world of Manhattan is no small feat.

I hadn’t really kept an eye out for W&D, largely because I’m neither a sweets person, nor a breakfast person.  But I do like my waffles, so when I temporarily moved home to my parents’ for three weeks while renovating my apartment (fulfilling the Greek prophesy for all 30 year old sons), I took note that the truck would be en route to the office on Tuesdays.  I woke up this morning, called my paralegal who’s been working long hours and asked her if she wanted me to pick her up breakfast.

Oh what a breakfast it was.  We both went with the liege wafel, the chewy, moist version of the Belgian waffle that is, for lack of a better term, the most ridiculous, melt-in-your-mouth experience one could possibly have with a bread-like food.  Good gawd, that first bite was unexpected.   Admittedly, I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, because the blueberry pancakes at Nashville’s Pancake Pantry are still slightly more nom-nom-nomalicious, but this was so unexpectedly excellent texture wise.

The flavor, I knew would be good, so I didn’t overdo it on the dinges (their word for toppings).  I went for natural flavor of the liege wafel, topped only with their Belgian pearl sugar and a healthy dollop of sliced banana and strawberries.  My colleague was a bit less faithful, topping hers with maple syrup and the pearl sugar.

The fruit was fresh, the sugar was light enough to not be too overwhelming (or give me a head rush).  All in all, it was great.  I wish I’d been able to stop and eat it there (their Tuesday parking spot on 52nd and Lexington is outside a Starbucks with outdoor seating) for freshness and the full experience of the outdoor waffle, but I’ll live as it was still delicious.

Photo evidence of excellence after the jump, so click through.

I highly recommend seeking out the truck and following it on Twitter. Their basic schedule is as follows:


  • 8am – 4:30pm: Columbia University on Broadway at 113th
  • 5:30pm – 10pm: Broadway at 62nd Street (at the Lincoln Plaza movie theatre)


  • 8am – 4pm: 52th St, between 3rd Ave & Lex.
  • 6pm – 10pm: 6th Ave & 21st Street (at the new Trader Joe’s)


  • 8am – 4pm: Hannover Square
  • 5pm – 10pm: 14th Street btw 3rd & 4th Aves (at Trader Joe’s)


  • 8am – 5pm: 46th Street betw 5th & 6th, closer to SW corner with 6th Ave
  • 6pm – 1am: Astor Place – 8th Street betw 3rd Ave & 4th Ave


  • 10am – 4:30pm: 52nd Street between 6th and 7th Aves
  • 6pm- 1am: Bleecker Street at the corner with Carmine (btw 6th Ave & 7th Ave)


  • 9am – 4:30pm: Park Slope -7th Ave & Carroll St in Brooklyn
  • 6pm-1 am: 7th Ave & Christopher Street in Manhattan


  • 9am – 10pm: 86th Street between 2nd & 3rd Aves

The liege wafel with maple syrup on the left, my liege (been waiting to say that!) with bananas and strawberries on the right.

Half-way through, I stopped to marvel in the awesomeness of they fruit piled on moist, chewy waffle.

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