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FollowFriday: @KorillaBBQ on Twitter

October 26th, 2010

Korilla BBQ is new to New York, but the concept is proven in L.A.

A special Tuesday version of #FollowFriday as I’ve been hitting the food trucks and have another scheduled for this Friday. Check out past Food Truck reviews here.

OK, so last week I had a little hissy fit when the new Korilla BBQ (Twitter link) ran out of food… at 12:40 PM… with me on line. I did not appreciate the opening day hiccup as I was really looking forward to trying them out. I had loved Los Angeles’ Kimchi21 Korean BBQ Taco Truck when I was back out west in February — granted that those visits were 2 AM runs — so I had really been looking forward to the new East Coast truck.  To calm down, I Schnitzified (Schnitzel Truck review here) later in the week and decided to give it another shot when they returned to 55th and Lex. Today was that day.

I actually canceled plans to bring in Waffle Truck (review here) for breakfast for me and a colleague when I saw that Korilla was going to be in the hood.  In lieu of breakfast, we embarked early, being wary of the long lines that follow a newly hyped truck (especially one which lets users vote on where they will show up). Arriving just before noon, the line was already 30 deep. That said, we got through in about 15 minutes or so (or about as long as it took Mexicue (review here) to serve a shorter line two weeks ago). The assembly line system the Korilla guys have established works very efficiently and effortlessly, to the point you have a hard time believing they’ve only served eight lunches. They have a protein guy who starts you, a kimchi (veggie) guy who finishes and a separate cashier in the front seat.

My review and picture evidence of the deliciosity, after the jump.

Their menu is looooong, so I took some Midtown Lunch advice and just ordered my protein and told them to fill in the rest. As I could be a competitive eater and I was endeavoring to try a few things, I over ordered (by a lot) and got a taco order (comes in 3s for $7) and a burrito ($7). I didn’t get the Chosun (rice) bowl ($8 and massive) or the Chompers (sliders, 2 for $7). Before you ask, two tacos nearly filled me and I’d say half the burrito would have. It’s pretty well sized as against the fast-food burrito spots.

Being adventurous, I tried the three animal proteins (ribeye, chicken thigh and pulled pork) on the tacos, while eschewing the tofu.  I got the ribeye in the burrito as well.  Not being a huge fan of mayo (the Korilla Sauce seems to be a mix of spicy mayo and hot sauce), I asked for just their hot sauce on the burrito and a dash of the Korilla on the tacos.

My reviews:

  • Pulled Pork Taco:  spicy as the mayo came through a bit more, and I think some of the kimchis were the spicy variety.  Absolutely delicious and the thing that most reminded me of kimchi.
  • Chicken Thigh Taco: bland and really rather flavorless.  Even though it had similar toppings as the other dishes, the lack of any real protein kick made this an entirely forgettable option.  I’d pass on chicken in the future.
  • Ribeye Taco: awesome. The flavor on the steak is really top notch.  It’s actually got a consistency similar to pulled pork, but a really distinct, beef flavor.  There’s a touch of spiciness just a bit shy of the pork, but a really great, natural taste.
  • Ribeye Burrito: I ordered it with the bkfr (bacon and kimchi fried rice) and that made a great difference.  It has a very distinct flavor that I couldn’t quite place but remembered from somewhere.  It is really, really good and very large.

My two colleagues got (and loved) their Chosun bowls and all three of us had more food than we knew what to do with.  The fellow attorney named this her favorite food truck so far.  I still love my Schnitz (far and away, really), but Korilla is right there with the best of the rest.  It earns a big thumbs up and — most importantly after I criticized it last week on Twitter — I note that they actually appear to run one of the more efficient trucks.  And like Edie’s Pizza, Schnitz and the Waffle Truck, they are super friendly and helpful.  They were the first I’ve seen to have a menu runner for the line.

Their location is determined democratically on their website.  Hit the website to vote, follow on Twitter and definitely give it a try if they’re by you.  So far, they’ve mostly been in Midtown East at 55th and Lex.

From left to right, pulled pork, chicken thigh and ribeye tacos.

I opened up the burrito for a look inside the ribeye, cheese and bkfr fixin's.

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