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Updating Amusing Maps: Which One Nails It, Part Deux

December 28th, 2010

A little over a year ago, I posted a series of some of the Web’s best entertaining maps.  These ranged from amusing stereotyped looking glasses of how people see the world to XKCD’s map of online communities.

A year later, Randall Munroe updated his map of online communities to include recent changes in the interwebs and I decided to go searching for some new, funny maps.  After the jump, I lead it off with Munroe’s latest.

XKCD's Map of Online Communities

This Facebook friendship map was engineered using API data ( examining the connections between people.

The World According to America (

A Floridian's Map of the United States (

according to stereotypes (

The World According to San Fransisco (

The World According to the United States (

The World as Seen by Americans (

The World According to President Reagan (with a nice writeup over at

The World According to Texans (

The World According to Islam (

The United States with States Renamed as Countries with Similar Gross Domestic Products (

The links in each caption are to where I obtained each map. I cannot provide proper attribution to the authors, but have linked where I found them. You should be able to embiggen each image by clicking on it.

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