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Dunk you very much, Jeffery

January 13th, 2011

So in last night’s Vandy win over Georgia, Jeffery Taylor landed a jam so jaw dropping that it elevated all the way to ESPN Sportscenter’s Top 10 play number 1. It was the definition of good vert, with Jeff’s head pretty much at the rim.

But the question is whether it can compete with some of Jeff’s past dunks and the infamous Lance Goulbourne dunk on UMass.

Check em out, after the… well… jump.

Jeff goes wild at Saint Mary’s last year (often with the help of some nifty Brad Tinsley passes):

Lance Goulbourne is actually the normal recipient of the inbounds dunk passes. That may largely be because of the earth shattering thunder rained down by this particular dunk, early last year. The kid probably skies higher (but not quicker) than Jeffery.

One way or another, I do know that Vandy has never had a duo with as much athleticism (and also defensive versatility) as these two wings.

And, finally, my self promotion of my twitter response to the Swedish thunder Jeff brought last night:

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