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2011 Vanderbilt Baseball: Season Preview, Intermission

January 29th, 2011

The Dores figure to be a pre-season top 5 team in 2011 and will be previewed in 6 parts.

This is the timely (or long overdue, I don’t know) intermission in what was intended to be a two week, five part series on Vanderbilt baseball’s 2011 season. Among all my most unhealthy habits, an addiction to following the Commodores baseball squad seems to be the most pervasive and difficult to crack. As a result, I’ve turned a time-wasting bit of fanaticism and converted it into a chance to write a bit.

Alas, work and life sometimes must take precedence. I billed a ridiculous number of hours at the office in November and December and my lofty efforts to get Parts 4, 5 nd 6 done fell by the wayside, for a bit. Throw in finally moving into my apartment during the period and trying to get settled, and the finales weren’t getting done. January has brought a still busy workload, a high ankle sprain we thought was broken and a quick outpatient surgery. Now as the Commodores head into Fall Practice (this past Friday), I thought I’d endeavor to get this wrapped up in the next week or two.

You can read each preview by clicking below on the links that follow the jump.

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It should be noted that while this website endeavors to provide a solid team preview, membership over at is a must for any Commodore baseball fan.  Chris Lee and Mike Rapp produce stellar premium content which is well worth the money spent.  I know there’s no way I could follow the team as intently as I do without it.

Well, practice started today and the polls have been rolling in with pre-season rankings of #4 from Baseball America and the ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll and #5 from College Baseball Magazines. VUCommodores caught up with Coach Corbin and Jason Esposito to discuss early season rankings and more.

Additionally, the locker room was host of a day one dance off, with Big Jack Armstrong flashing some River Dance skills, Mark Lamm prepping a milkshake and Navery Moore flashing some quick feet (which the cameraman failed to catch).

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