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Short Film: “Blood On My Name” by Brandon McCormick

May 3rd, 2011

Sometimes a short film is so gripping and well made that you get caught up in the action, character and vibe so much that your heart races as it would in a dramatic full length film. This is one such work.

Director Brandon McCormick, a veteran of the short film genre, wrote and directed this film for Whitestone Motion Pictures. It features two somewhat familiar faces in Justin Welborn and Sean Bridges in the primary roles.

It’s well acted, interestingly conceived (if not murky) and scored with a vengeance. Yes, the last three minutes are hardly traditional in their mix of acting and scoring, but it works and works quite well.

Watch the film, after the click.

Blood On My Name from Whitestone Motion Pictures on Vimeo.

Whitestone Motion Pictures presents Blood On My Name, a short film musical narrative in the style of americana southern gothic folklore.

On the run after a botched robbery, Erwin, who’s experienced a change in heart, tries to take advantage of a deal he’s made for himself and fellow thief Thomas. Instead he calls down the agents of a malevolent supernatural force who will hunt him to the ends of the earth rather than see him escape. Starring Justin Welborn (The Signal) and Sean Bridgers (Deadwood) this film features the craftsmanship and dedication of the artisans at Whitestone Motion Pictures.

You can download the song and the soundtrack for free at

Whitestone Motion Pictures is a film company dedicated to the craft of storytelling while utilizing emerging technology with fiercely talented people.

You can watch more of our films here:

(For those of you who’ve asked, Blood On My Name was filmed using the Arri Alexa. In case you were wondering, it was awesome.)

As the song is so central to the film itself, I’m also embedding the “making of” for the song, which was recorded in Nashville in 2011.

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