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Music Video / Short Film – Rendezvous’ “The Murf” by Scott Benson

September 11th, 2011

Not really sure how best to describe this elegant, at times almost fractal animation. The story seems a bit rushed at times, but you can pretty easily make it out. With limited emoting from the protagonists, this is an impressive feat of storytelling. The video is clearly an exhibition of both the scoring and the animation (it is actually a music video of sorts), but the storytelling is rather pithy and well done.

Rendezvous – The Murf from Scott Benson on Vimeo.

A story about growing up in the universe.

Click through for a description of the video from its Vimeo page.

A music video for the band Rendezvous, made February-March 2011. They pretty much gave me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted to do, and this is what came out.
A long write up about it can be found here. You might find it interesting.
THIS WEEKEND: I will putting a short BEHIND THE SCENES video together, showing bits of how things were put together, etc. Nothing crazy in-depth, but enough to answer some questions I’ve been getting and maybe inspire others to do some similar stuff. So check back here, or add me on twitter/facebook to stay up on things. The links to both are at my blog or my site.
Check out Rendezvous. They are super rad. The Murph single has a bunch of awesome remixes as well.
I’m always up for freelance work, be it for agencies, studios, bands or whoever. Drop me a line at mrscottbenson at

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