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SEC Power Poll — Week 13

December 2nd, 2009

Once again, this week’s SEC Power Poll Entry is a true collaborative effort. STS’s Philip took the first crack and I filled in some of the gaps. See the final results at Team Speed Kills, though our ballot wasn’t submitted in time for the official poll.

And, for the record, Carlos Dunlap hadn’t yet acted a fool when we wrote this.  With him out, I think Alabama probably would have stayed #1 on our ballot.

The NCAAs most dynamic DE will not play in this weekends SEC championship.

The NCAA's most dynamic DE will not play in this weekend's SEC championship.

1. Florida

Clay Travis should have clarified in his question what the definition of “virgin” is.  Pretty sure that the national media has performed certain acts on Tim Tebow that most would consider deflowering… never moreso than after his swan song in the Swamp.

2. Alabama

Sure, Tide fans, it was look-ahead to Atlanta that left your team flat. Or lack of respect for your intrastate rival. Or all those trick plays. If your team turns it into a victory over the Gators, no one outside of Auburn will care.

3. LSU

Distant third, but they are one of the only three teams with a winning SEC record.

4. South Carolina

The ACC office blames y’all and Georgia for depressing attendance at their Championship Game. They had really hoped to get a good 30,000 people in Tampa.


5. Georgia

Greater tragedy: the passing of UGA VII or finishing behind Boy Blunder in the SEC East?

6. Ole Miss

If Houston Nutt could avoid playing as the favorite against outmanned but still competent opponents, he’d do fine. Too late for the SEC can give them a schedule of Florida and Vandy 4 times each?

7. Auburn

Valiant effort in the Iron Bowl. I’ll say this: Gene Chizik’s clock management in the last two minutes is not the worst in the SEC West.  I’m pretty sure of that.

8. Tennessee

If we all try really hard, I think we can successfully pretend that UT didn’t finish second to Florida in the SEC East this year

9. Kentucky

Snake-bit against the Vols in a way that makes Vanderbilt look like pikers.

10. Arkansas

Losing in OT to LSU is hardly something to be ashamed of, but in a season of middle of the pack parity, Arkansas lacked the consistency to get to a better bowl.

11. Mississippi State

If Dan Mullen was waiting for a moment to really put a stamp on this season in saying “This ain’t your poppa’s MSU” this was it… unfortunately, no one heard the message because the SEC won’t enforce its artificial noisemaker rules and cowbell drowns out everything.

12. Vanderbilt

This week was their best showing in a while.

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