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Follow Friday – @NotJayCutler on Twitter

December 11th, 2009

I’m a big Jay Cutler fan.  I always have been.  Heck, back in 2005, I took to calling him Jesus H. Cutler.  But there is no way to sweeten the current reality.  The guy has been brutal as a Chicommodore Vanderbear.

And that pain makes it pleasant to laugh, even if at Jay’s expense.  One such way to laugh is to follow @NotJayCutler on Twitter.

Youll note that Jay doesnt say hed never hit a phone booth (even if hes just covering up for a teammate).

You'll note that Jay doesn't say he'd never hit a phone booth (even if he's just covering up for a teammate).


Other sage gems from the Twitterverse version of mocking Jay

I don’t see what the big deal is. My Vandy teams lost games by a lot more than one point.

Bears fans have started calling me the Jim Belushi of the NFL. I think it’s because he’s so awesome at comedy.

Why won’t Devin Hester talk to me right now? I’m so lonely.

I promised Justin Tuck that I’d buy three $5 footlongs if he makes Kyle Orton cry.

Admittedly, most of the site’s posts are a little more in the realm of potty humor.  But, then again, it’s not like the NFL is the bastion of either morality or political correctness.  Heck, Twitter isn’t either.

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