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Site Notes

December 7th, 2009

Someone paying close attention will note that I’ve added a few features to the right column of the site.  I’m still playing with them and will be fiddling and filling them out, but they are as follows, after the jump.

Musically When [It] Strikes Me

Admittedly, this is really more for me than the casual reader.  I like to listen to tunes late at night while working and if I don’t happen to have my iPod handy, the widgets on here will let me play music.  I intend to fill out the widgets a good deal more, but hey, maybe you’ll find a song you like too.

Reviews at When [It] Strikes Me

This page should make it easier to find and click on Reviews that may interest you.  Scaling through the Reviews tab will eventually get a bit tough, so this provides an index.  Also, the Best of the Decade Series page will be set aside.

Shopping at When [It] Strikes Me

I was a little anxious about the idea of selling on the site, but Amazon is a company I do really believe in and support in theory (all praise be to Jeff Bezos) and in practice, as my preferred method of shopping.  Through their Amazon Associates program, I’m now linking directly to their store entries for product and have created my own mini-Amazon store, which can be found here and also may be seen on the sidebar and occasionally embedded.  Still working out the kinks on how to integrate it properly.  If you are convinced by one of my reviews or recommendations to buy an item, I do hope you’ll do so from my mini-Amazon store, as I get a referral which will go to offset the cost of running this site (Google Adsense doesn’t do much and I’m actually considering removing those ads in favor solely of Amazon and its referral program).

Anyways, if you have any thoughts on the above, let me know in the comments.

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