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Review: A Day Without A Mexican (2004)

November 13th, 2009

I was reminded of this movie recently and was explaining it to a coworker. It sounds quite ridiculous and even mocking, but A Day Without A Mexican is actually a very compelling, humorous and fun comedy with a strong message.

Released just as Lou Dobbs and the Minutemen elevated xenophobia to extraordinary levels, the movie tries to make light of what life would be like in California if you really did get rid of all the Mexicans (both those with and without papers). In doing so, it’s illuminating and can be appreciated by those who don’t already appreciate the contributions of immigrants of all stripes and all legal statuses.


Yes, illegal immigration is problematic and newcomers to America should not be doing so outside of the law, but these are real people and legal and illegal immigrants play a very real role in making this country great. It’s nice to see a work that actually emphasizes something other than the crimes committed by illegals.

The movie is not high art or anything and you can tell the production was done a bit on the cheap, but the message and script are very real and very entertaining. I can’t say that I can give it more than 6 or 7 out of 10, because the production isn’t great. But it’s definitely a rent.

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