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The Creationism Musuem… Must… Go… There.

January 4th, 2010

At the Creationism Museum you can teach your little ones "real" history... like the "fact" that people rode Triceratops by putting saddles on them. Yep, good science.

There is a magical land about 5 miles west of Cincinnati where the beauty of imagination meets the batshit crazy of Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. This land is the Creationism Museum.

Back when it opened, Ed Rothstein of the New York Times did a critical writeup of it, and Wired announced it was the last straw of crazy.  I can’t say I disagree with Wired on much of anything… least of all this.

I have long sought the opportunity or reason to visit Petersburg, KY to see the Museum, but have had no excuse to go to Cincy. I initially thought the museum was in the south-central part of Kentucky, in which case I could have driven up during a trip to Nashville, but there is really little excuse to ever intentionally go to Ohio, much less Kentucky. So, alas, I have to rely on the visits of others for photographic evidence of the insanity.


A friend went while home over the holidays and her photos reminded me of the greatest photo album ever, Flickr user John Scalzi’s A Visit to the Creationism Museum, which is posted below. Scalzi’s album documents the true psychosis of these folks better than most media types have been able to.  Even then I wish there were more to see.

I do plan on discussing the creationism / evolution “debate” more in the future on this site, but for the time being I’m swamped under at work and will just link the Flickr gallery for your viewing pleasure:

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