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The FitBit is Here, The FitBit is Awesome

January 11th, 2010

So I had to wait seven months for my pre-order to fill.  So I had to wait an extra week thanks to some issues with shipping.  So I’m now OCD about tracking nutrition, sleep and activity data.  I fracking love this thing.

I’ll get a full review up after I’ve had a bit of time with it, but it rocks so far.  It was also far more accurate than I ever imagined at the gym.  I didn’t think the technology would track my activity on the Precor ellipticals, but it gave me an accuracy of about 85% or 90% relative to the miles and calories measured by the machine.  Not too shabby.

Unboxing photos, after the jump. 

Just out of the packaging.

Though encased in plastic, it is relatively aggravation free to get to the FitBit.

Setup of drivers and software was a piece of cake.

Although you actually can see the display a bit in the flash, it normally is a plain black.

Calorie count is one of the settings.

The pedo... err... pedometer is quite useful and accurate.

The mile tracker was more accurate than I expected it to be.

It's pret a porter out of the box and easily worn anywhere on the waist or torso.

I found that shifting it over to my hip was the most comfortable spot at the gym. Just walking to and fro, I didn't notice it was there.

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