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Trailer: HBO’s “Treme” (2010)

January 12th, 2010

I’ve stated before that David Simon is a genius and one-half of the team that brought us real winners “The Wire” and “The Corner“, the latter of which I should have a review up for in the next week or so.  It turns out the Simon has reupped with HBO and, along with former collaborator Eric Overmyer (but not Ed Burns), will be strutting on down from his comfort zone in Baltimore and entering Overmyer’s realm in N’Awlins.

Below is the teaser trailer for “Treme”, a series focusing on musicians in New Orleans’ destitute yet musically inspired Treme neighborhood (formally known as Faubourg Tremé). The cast includes several familiar faces, including Wendell Pierce (Bunk Moreland on “The Wire”), Clarke Peters (Lester Freeman on “The Wire” and Fat Curt on “The Corner”) and Khandi Alexander (Fran Boyd on “The Corner”). Joining them are film “star” Steve Zahn and HBO veteran Kim Dickens (Joannie Stubbs on “Deadwood”).

I could not be more psyched (then again, I was psyched for the “V” reboot, too).

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