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Best Reviewed Movies of the Year (2009)

January 13th, 2010

Rotten Tomatoes has announced their top 10 movies of the year.

I still have some movie renting to do.  I’m normally not one to pay heed to mass media opinions on film.  I don’t identify (or tend to agree) with the vast majority of reviewers; however, I am a believer in aggregated general market consensus.  For that reason, I’m at least willing to listen to Rotten Tomatoes and it’s macro scoring system.

Well, the site just released its 11th annual Golden Tomato Awards, for the best reviewed movies of the year.  I must admit that I’ve only seen three of them so far, though I intend to view a few of them in short order.


1)  Pixar’s Up – I’m not sure that I’m going to see this unless I’m able to do so in 3-D.  I should have caught it in IMax.  Score: 98

2)  Star Trek – I own it and love it.  Great movie.  Score: 94

3)  The Fantastic Mr. Fox – I’m not a huge Wes Anderson fan, which has kept me away from this one.  I’ve been hearing a lot of good things lately, so maybe I’ll have to Netflix it sooner rather than later.  Score: 93

4)  Drag Me to Hell – I cannot believe a movie that I subconsciously mistook for Jeepers Creepers is rated this highly.  It’s Sam Raimi, so maybe it’s good.  Score: 92

5)  District 9 – I actually wasn’t wild about D-9 when I saw it in theatres, because Wikus is just a hard protagonist to like (too much apartheid style Afrikaner in him).  I’ve since purchased the DVD and flipped my opinion on it.  Score: 90

6)  Inglourious Basterds – I generally don’t fawn over Tarantino movies, but people I don’t normally think of as QT fans rave over this one.  I’m going to check it out soon.  Score: 88

7)  Coraline – Never heard of this one.  Not sure how I could miss a movie so universally well reviewed (see #9).  Score: 89

8)  Zombieland – Any casual reader knows I like my Zombie flicks.  This was one of my favorites of the year, largely because it was a buddy comedy in the Zombie genre (something like a more casual version of Shaun of the Dead.  Score: 89

9)  Ponyo – See #7.  Never heard of this one at all.  Though I think it’s a kids animated release, so that’s to be expected.  Score: 91

10)  Up in the Air – I’ve heard a bunch of people rave about this, but no one actually ever talks about what it’s about.  Nevertheless, I’ll make it to the theatre eventually.  Score: 89

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