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SEC Power Polls Return: Final Football and First Hoops

January 14th, 2010

Phil over at Save the Shield and I are continuing to collaborate on the ballot for the power polls hosted by, the Southeastern Conference’s sports blog site.

There’s been some polls taken of late (including the Football All-SEC poll teams) and I’ve been delinquent in posting.  After the jump I’ve got our final, post-bowl Football Ballot and last week’s Hoops’ ballot, which was the first of the year.

Tomorrow I’m going to get back to normal and have this week’s Hoops Power Poll.

Click through to keep on keeping on…

First up is the Football Final Power Poll

As always, LSU Freak outdid himself with this description of the Lamb of God's post-bowl ascension.

Sadly, after Vanderbilt’s depressing season, neither Phil nor I had the motivation or time to fill out the ballot with our trademark snark.  Instead it’s just a true ranking:

  1. Alabama
  2. Florida
  3. Ole Miss
  4. Louisiana State
  5. Auburn
  6. Arkansas
  7. Georgia
  8. Tennessee
  9. South Carolina
  10. Kentucky
  11. Mississippi State
  12. Vanderbilt

Oh, and I’m tempted to promote Tennessee retroactively thanks to all the joy brought to me by the Lane Kiffin saga.  And, for the record, I did turn down their head coaching position.

On that coaching search note, Phil emailed me last night with a link to a now purged message board thread from the Vols’ outlet.  It was discussing Boise State head coach Chris Peterson and the rumors of his connections to Scientology (which rumors a little digging will tell you are unfounded — there is a relatively prominent Scientologist who shares the same name).  Anyway, some erudite Vol poster said that he didn’t think Peterson’s Scientology faith would be a problem.  To paraphrase: “We’ll take anyone so long as they can win and not be Muslim.”  Yes, Knoxville, TN… the paragon of enlightenment; or, as I like to put it, the reason Kiffin left for USC is that they’ve got a better class of criminal out there.

Anyway, on to…

John Wall has been every bit as good as advertised for Kentackalacky.

Hoops: Power Poll Conference Week 1

  1. Kentucky – Psst. Kentucky fans. No matter what they tell you, John Wall is NOT coming back for another year.
  2. Ole Miss -Best in the West is a pretty far cry from best in the East right now.
  3. Tennessee– No team with Steven Pearl in the rotation will be higher than 10th, but no DA in Knoxville can get past 2nd chair if they convict half the basketball team. So we have a stalemate.
  4. Vanderbilt – Surprisingly easy blowouts are nice enough, but they have to start the conference season out strong against Florida.
  5. Florida– Billy D has pretty much owned on Vandy in Gainesville, so a win this Saturday in Nashville could set up a key in division sweep.
  6. Mississippi State – The second best SEC team to lose to Western Kentucky.
  7. South Carolina – It’s hard to imagine this Cock squad going far without Dominique Archie… especially now that Downey is not the dominant PG showstopper in the East.
  8. Alabama – OK, after Cornell outplayed (and should have beaten, but for the officiating) Kansas at the Fieldhouse, Alabama is officially out of the doghouse for that particular loss.
  9. Georgia -Getting rid of Felton is already looking to pay dividends.
  10. Arkansas – Their best pre-conference win was over a rape allegation.
  11. Auburn – There are close losses to FSU and NCState and a 1 point win over UVA. Not so bad. But then there’s the rest of the out-of-conference. Bleech.
  12. Louisiana State – Is it bad that I miss the days of being able to make fun of John Brady? Is it worse that I have to admit that LSU was a better team under him?

Again, look for the Conference Week 2 Power Poll tomorrow morning.

I'm normally loathe to credit with anything, but the Wall PhotoShop thread on Rupp Rafters has some impressive work.

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