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SEC Power Poll: Conference Week 2

January 15th, 2010

Phil from Save the Shield and I are back to power poll blogging with our picks for Conference Week 2 of Southeastern Conference Hoops.  As you know, these are submitted to for their weekly Blogosphere Power Poll.

Not much changed in the last week, other than the big win by Mississippi State over Ole Miss in the west and Tennessee proving that they do, indeed, still have weapons in their roster.  Other poorly chosen colloquialisms from Bruce Pearl last week: “We’re trying to not reveal any crack in the roster,” “Bobby Maze is just going to have to play at a high level,” “Tyler Smith was never really our only threat,” and “Do I seriously have to play my son?”

Anyways, click click click on through for this week’s ballot:

Andre Walker is quickly proving to be Vanderbilt's key "glue" guy and is emblematic of the Dores' newfound athletic edge.

Conference Week 2 Power Poll:

  1. Kentucky – Yes, they’ve clearly performed the best of any SEC squad to date, but there are still questions as to just how good they are, and as to whether or not they really have any marquee wins.
  2. Tennessee – Thanks to a certain football coach, the Vols’ celebration after beating #1 was even shorter-lived than the one after beating Memphis in 2008.
  3. Vanderbilt – Free throws? We don’t need no stinkin’ free throws. Shaq didn’t need free throws. In 2008 Memphis didn’t need… um, OK, they needed one free throw.
  4. Mississippi State – Jarvis Varnardo rejected the comment we had prepared for the Bulldogs this week. Oh well.
  5. South Carolina – Certain pygmy tribes actually have a taller starting five than the Gamecocks… though Carolina does have some bulk on the Hobbits.
  6. Florida – The reality is that Billy D no longer has a team whose sum is greater than the whole of its parts… and he hasn’t since the Fab Four carried the chemistry out the door.
  7. Ole Miss – The home loss to MSU will sting for a little while, but Ole Miss still should be in the hunt at season’s end for Western Division champs.
  8. Alabama – Anthony Grant may have to wait for the right players to run his preferred up-tempo style. But he’s got a pesky, turnover-causing team that’s annoying to play.
  9. Georgia – Two close conference losses and a mixed OOC slate are still good enough for 9th.
  10. Arkansas – Just barely got that first SEC game in before the polls closed. But the season highlight is still a close loss to Texas.
  11. Auburn – Is there anything worse than getting rid of all-around good guy Jeff Lebo and not having any tangible improvement to show on the court?
  12. LSU – Methinks the LSU pharmacology squad has been spending too much time with the D-Line and not enough time with the Frontcourt.
  1. admin
    January 22nd, 2010 at 16:27 | #1

    I, and not Phil, take full responsibility for mistakenly believing that Auburn fired Jeff Lebo last offseason. I have no idea where that came from.

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