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Epic UK Shirt Fail

January 27th, 2010

The suffering of Kentackalacky over the short lived top ranking is quite reminiscent of Bruce Pearl’s “suffering” when his Vols were, for all intents and purposes, knocked from their pedestal by the Commodores just 48 hours after defeating off Calipari’s Memphis Tigers two years ago.  Of course, you can’t be suffering too much if you’re number one even for just a day.

I actually wouldn’t be shocked if this shirt actually became a bigger hit because it’s not available until its point is moot.

On January 25th the Kentucky Wildcats rose to #1 in the national college basketball rankings.  To commemorate their accomplishment the UK Team Shop released this shirt, due in stock on January 27th.  On January 26th the Wildcats lost to the unranked South Carolina Gamecocks.  Oops.

From Rick Ankiel’s Mustache, via probationaryperiod.

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