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Target’s LOST Adverts

May 24th, 2010 Comments off

These were all pretty clever and aired during the series finale of LOST.  I believe the director, Jack Bender, is one of LOST’s directors.  Here’s Smokey-Detector.  Numbers and Ribs are after the bounce.


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TLOG Survives to Fight Another Day…

February 8th, 2010 Comments off

Although I took this to be only a joke, apparently women's groups are actually protesting the ad (though I think it's largely because of the unspoken message).

This blog’s post on TLOG?  Not so much.  In January, I wrote about Tim Tebow making a huge mistake by doing a pro-life ad for Focus on the Family (I also made a remark that irked some by calling it an anti-abortion ad, I apologized to those good folk).  Anyways, the ad finally aired last night and it showed me I shouldn’t doubt the Lamb of God.

The ad was remarkably sterile and pretty boring.  In fact, it was shot like a cheesy ad and contained zero controversy (other than naming Pam Tebow as the co-winner of the 2007 Heisman).  Anyways, the Greatest Collegiate Footballer will live to fight another PR day and the ad certainly could not offend even the most pro-choice of advocates.

The Lamb of God is about to get fleeced

January 18th, 2010 Comments off

Here, Tebow is seen ascending above the field while playing the Barn.

There was, apparently, an eleventh commandment.  That commandment instructed that Thou Shalt Not Doubt Tim Tebow. This was certainly true when the Chosen One was at Nease High and walking on water throughout the Swamp in Gainesville.  On his way to two national championships and three appearances (and one win) at the Downtown Athletic Club’s Heisman Awards, Tebow always came out on top, both as a player and as a representative of his Evangelical faith.

Many have run afoul of this commandment throughout the years.  Clay Travis became a pariah when he asked Tebow, straight up, if he was saving himself for marriage at SEC Media Days in Birmingham this past Fall.  Opposing defenses were taught not to doubt the power of the jump pass and Les Miles and crew never quite learned.  In 2008, defensive coordinators were shown you couldn’t try to stack the box against the Holy Moyel’s awkward passing delivery.  And, in a modern day ascension to the draft, Tebow shattered noted headcase Vince Young’s BCS record for total yards in this year’s Sugar Bowl with 533.

If you doubted the power of the Tebow, or the veracity of his faith, you were likely going to come up as a loser.  But that was when the Lamb of God was an All-American amateur — both literally and figuratively.  Clay Travis is questioning his holiness again with an article released Monday noting that Tebow is going to shove his religiosity and beliefs down audiences’ throats with a $2.5M Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad currently scheduled to air on the Super Bowl.


Google Adsense, Ensuring the Guilt Slice

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

So earlier in the day I posted an info graphic pie chart of What You’re Really Having For Thanksgiving. Well, I’ve discussed Google Adsense’s poor choices in the past (with diplomatic incidents over Eastern European city spelling and deciding to put anything from Scientology on my interwebs). Today, they made me smile with an ad that was poorly crafted and perhaps perfectly placed.

The ad (which can be viewed in context in a screencap after the jump) discusses giving goats to poor folks in Zimbabwe. Let’s deconstruct:

The good:

  • The programs of livestock donations do work well and are very good ways to give.
  • Ads like this should work well at Thanksgiving.

The contextually funny: