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Awaiting the Kindle, now a platform

January 21st, 2010 Comments off

As I wait for my newly ordered Kindle to arrive (I finally caved and promised the stack of paper books I’ve got on my bedside that they will still get read), I was excited to see news break today that Jeff Bezos is soliciting Apps for the Kindle.  Starting next month, a KDK (Kindle Developer Kit) will be made available.  Granted, the E-Ink format likely won’t be able to compete with whatever flash comes out with the iTablet, but it’s good to see Amazon strike now, before Apple gets into the game.

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Site Notes

December 7th, 2009 Comments off

Someone paying close attention will note that I’ve added a few features to the right column of the site.  I’m still playing with them and will be fiddling and filling them out, but they are as follows, after the jump. Read more…

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I Heart

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

I do most of my shopping on Amazon and love Amazon Prime (which gives me free 2 day shipping… which I pay for… but do so once a year so it seems like its free). You’ll note that I will link to books and occasionally other items to where you can buy things. I don’t do this because I’m getting a cut (I don’t know how that would work), but because I shop on Amazon.

One of the worst parts of shopping is unpacking (which sometimes makes YouTube unboxing videos a bit more complex). Jeff Bezos, the man who made Amazon a reality and revolutionized shopping, wrote the below letter to customers about efforts to make packaging more buyer friendly.

I experienced this myself just last night on receipt of one of my more recent purchases: CleenFreak comfy shower shoes for the gym. I’ve been having issues with overwearing my flip-flops (both because I sprained a toe and because I’m over 30 and shouldn’t be walking around NYC in flip-flops — it looks immature, as opposed to shower shoes, which just look crazy). Anyways, the shoes arrived in a simple to open plastic bag with a simple to remove plastic keeper-together. Perfectly timed for this queued up post.

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