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March Madness – My Bracket

March 14th, 2012 Comments off

It’s time to get it on. The beloved Commodores are the reigning SEC Tournament Champions after unseating #1 Kentucky in New Orleans. I’m hanging my hat on the first round curse coming to an end against Harvard this year and I genuinely believe the Dores will be cutting down the East Regional nets in a couple weeks.

Sadly, I cannot overcome with my heart what my head tells me. The Wildcats are the best team in America and should give Coach Calipari his long sought title. For as much as I loathe all things Big Blue, they are my pick to win it all, with UNC facing them in the championship after knocking off Vanderbilt. Missouri is my other Final Four contender.

After the jump, a bracket based on tuition costs which gives the Commodores a true victory. Read more…

Occupy Meme reaches inevitable conclusion with my poor Photoshop skills

October 26th, 2011 Comments off

I’m no Brian @VUGymRat from (the fine chap who came up with the below embedded faux ads for VU basketball), but I tried my hardest with the above.

Click through to see Brian’s work. Read more…

#NowPlaying: Black and Gold (Vanderbilt Remix) – Nick Wells

February 25th, 2011 Comments off

How to start a good weekend? How bout by repping Vanderbilt. Nick Wells is a student down on campus and with the help of some folks he put together what is a pretty dang awesome song and video. He even gets in a shout to Jeff Taylor, Kyle Fuller and Coach Stallings. No love for Stevie Thunder, though?

The song is a remix of a pretty tight song by Wiz Khalifa called Black and Yellow, embedded after the jump.
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Dunk you very much, Jeffery

January 13th, 2011 Comments off

So in last night’s Vandy win over Georgia, Jeffery Taylor landed a jam so jaw dropping that it elevated all the way to ESPN Sportscenter’s Top 10 play number 1. It was the definition of good vert, with Jeff’s head pretty much at the rim.

But the question is whether it can compete with some of Jeff’s past dunks and the infamous Lance Goulbourne dunk on UMass.

Check em out, after the… well… jump. Read more…

SEC Power Poll – All SEC Teams

March 30th, 2010 3 comments

SEC Basketball has come to an end for 2010.  With Tennessee’s elimination at the hands of Michigan State in the Midwest Region Final, there are no more SEC games to be played, so I figured it was time to release the When[It]StrikeMe All-SEC teams for 2009-2010.  I’ve loaded up your standard fare of All-Conference Performers, as well as All-Villain Team, All-Glue, All-Name, All-Smooth, All-Freak-Athlete and All-Wait-Till-Next-Year teams.  Let’s start with the individual awards.

Coach of the Year. At the end of Conference Play, I was ready to follow the Coaches and give this one to Kevin Stallings of Vanderbilt.  Not only was that the homer pick, but it was also the wrong one.  There are some arguments against Bruce Pearl, but he is the Coach of the Year.  Pearl’s Vols have overcome tremendous shortcomings on their roster to end up as the last SEC team standing, earning the Vols program’s first Elite Eight.  It is true that Pearl brought the troublemakers that caused those roster problems into the program; however, at the very least one has to appreciate that he actually disciplined his offenders (unlike a certain reptilian coach to the north).  For that, I grant thee Pearl the Coach of the Year.  Runners Up (Tie) – Stallings and John Calipari (Kentucky).

Yes, this man-child... Demarcus Cousins... dominated the SEC this year.

Player of the Year & Freshman of the Year.  Some people seem dead set on giving John Wall the annointed status as best SEC player.  I’m sorry, he’s not even the best player on his own team.  Granted, on a team that starts four potential lottery picks for this year’s draft, not being the best doesn’t mean a whole lot; nevertheless, the guy I’m watching and who I believe was the most singularly dominating SEC performer in several years was Demarcus Cousins.  In a year in which he wasn’t even expected to be a candidate for Player of the Year or Freshman of the Year… hidden by characters such as Wall, USC’s Devan Downey, UT’s Tyler Smith, MSU’s Jarvis Varnardo and Vanderbilt’s AJ Ogilvy, Cousins snuck up on people.  Or at least he snuck up on folks as much as a phenomenal, freak-beast at 6’10” 260lbs can.  He’s arguably the most athletic big man in amateur basketball and turned into a double double machine while dominating the best post players in the SEC.  The only real downturn for Demarcus is that the most physically mature player in the league was also the most immature.  He loved flashing his elbows and lost his cool on numerous occasions.  Regardless of his personality disorders, Cousins was the best player and the best newcomer in the league.  Runner Up (Both Awards) – Wall.

Sixth Man of the Year.  This was really somewhat of a thin award pool.  No sixth man really dominated in any tangible measure, so it ended up falling by default to Vanderbilt’s shooting wunderkind, John Jenkins.  The SEC leader in three-point shooting at 48.3% actually shot 50.7% from downtown if you remove the 0-7 performance against Georgia.  In the Georgia game, Jenkins played through a flu that hospitalized him for two days the next night.  Anyway, Jenkins eventually ended up starting seven games as his unreal stroke could not be left on the bench.  It goes without saying that he will not be eligible for an SEC sixth man award again.  Runners Up (Tie) – Chandler Parsons (Florida) and Zach Graham (Ole Miss).

Click through for the All-SEC Teams Read more…

March Madness – My Brackets

March 17th, 2010 Comments off

So I’ve gone ahead and completed my brackets for March Madness.  I did them both on gut instinct with no research into efficiency metrics or any other tactic (especially not mascots), so we’ll see how they turn out.  I usually go into a bit more detail in my research.

Anyways, I’ve produced one homer bracket and one real bracket… the most substantive difference is that I have several picks that I’d like to see in my homer bracket, while the real bracket is what I think will actually happen.

In the meantime, also worth a read is this great piece by Clay Travis on the death of Freeda Simmons and its impact on the Vanderbilt-Murray State game.  Simmons was a nurse at Vanderbilt Medical Center and the mother of Murray State player Picasso Simmons.  Further, Picasso and Vandy freshman John Jenkins knew each other quite well as the only two D1 players to come out of Station Camp High School in Tennessee.  C’Lay does a really nice job telling the story in the article.

Click on through for a view of my brackets. Read more…

SEC Hoops Power Poll: Final Regular Season Poll

March 9th, 2010 Comments off

In what will likely be our last collaboration of the year, Phil from Save the Shield and I have put together our picks for final Regular Season power poll for Southeastern Conference Hoops.

We’ve taken the last couple of weeks off as, to be honest, there’s been almost no movement in the SEC and things really aren’t terribly fluid.  There was a moment where folks thought Vandy might challenge Kentackalacky and a brief glimmer of hope that one of the Mississippi teams might actually represent the SEC West well enough to earn an at large.  Sadly, neither came to fruition.  Now, everything rests in Nashville where Florida needs to win two games and Mississippi State and Ole Miss each need to win three (AKA win it all) in order to make the NCAA tournament.

Before the list, we first have the awards (with runner’s up).

  • Player of the Year – Demarcus Cousins, Kentucky (runner up: John Wall, Kentucky)
  • Freshman of the Year – Demarcus Cousins, Kentucky (runner up: John Wall, Kentucky)
  • Coach of the Year – Kevin Stallings, Vanderbilt (runner up: Bruce Pearl, Tennessee)

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump. Read more…

FollowFriday: @steveleandre on Twitter

March 5th, 2010 Comments off

Steve Tchiengang might be the baddest mofo on an SEC basketball court, but he’s also a nice, kind and generous soul off the court.  That’s reflected on his Twitter account which he updates regularly.

Steve really brought the pain in both games against Kentucky, playing hard, physical defense and pounding the boards.

Sometimes his posts are just a little hard to follow without context:

How bout this monkey on sportsnation that is waiting? Kind of freaky.

@AWalk24 u ain’t going to like it much if u keep playing with me hahah. Give me tht Jesus piece n I will stop bothering u.

But mostly they’re just reflective of the awesomeness that is Steve T:

I’m mesmerized by what I’m watching in this class. There are some crazy stuffs in this world.

Bout to take off heading back to Nashville. This how the Dores roll

An american man kicked off the plane for smelling bad… Thts funny n terrible hahahah

a friend asked me “who u play on saturday” n i say “UK” and she replied “Why are u going all the way to United Kingdom?” tht made me laugh

If you want to follow a kickass athlete with a positive outlook on life and a penchant for updating the Twitter world on the everyday goings-on of a true student-athlete, you need to follow Steve T.

SEC Hoops Power Poll: Conference Week 6

February 16th, 2010 Comments off

After a one week hiatus, Phil from Save the Shield and I have put together our picks for Conference Week 6 of Southeastern Conference Hoop.

There’s really not a whole lot new this week.  The pecking order at the top of the SEC has been set with Kentackalackey on top, Vandy in second and Tennessee in third.  State, Florida and Ole Miss are somewhat fungible in the second tier, while Arkansas and South Carolina are the last two SEC squads with even a fraction of a shot at an at large bid.

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump. Read more…

SEC Hoops Power Poll: Conference Week 4

February 3rd, 2010 Comments off

The timing on the Blogosphere Power Poll is has shifted to Sunday/Monday, making things easier for Phil from Save the Shield and I got our picks for Conference Week 4 of Southeastern Conference Hoops in with a modicum of intelligence and appropriate timing.

Obviously, Vanderbilt and Tennessee flipped in the who wants to finish second to Wall, Bledsoe and Punchy McCousins in Lexington.  I’m sorry, that’s insensitive.  You flash a forearm, rather than punching with it.  The big mover is really Florida, hopping up to fourth on our ballot.

Anyway, Phil’s and my picks are after the jump. Read more…