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Election Day in NYC

November 3rd, 2009 Comments off

It’s the one year anniversary of the election of Barack Obama, a great day for most New Yorkers. We’re celebrating it by reelecting a rich white Republican over an African American Democrat… and we’re going to feel good about doing it.

President Obama himself endorsed Thompson with such fervor and intensity that he forgot to use him name and instead endorsed the “Democratic candidate for Mayor.” The subtext there is that even Democrats are only doing just enough to show party solidarity while winking at Mayor Mike and noting that they too think he’s doing a stand up job.

At somewhere between 5′ and 5’3″, it can sometimes be difficult to discern when Bloomberg is standing, but there’s little doubt that he’s the finest Mayor since Laguardia. He’s sheparded the City through a joint security and economic catastrophe upon taking office and an economic meltdown of epic proportions in the past 18 months. He’s strengthened schools and improved on the run of great crime numbers despite two economic collapses. Most importantly, he’s taken a stand against both obesity and smoking and has followed in Giuliani’s footsteps as a national leader among US Mayors.

All of this is why Bill Thompson’s only argument against electing Mayor Mike is that he’s only able to run because he subverted “the will of the people” in respect of term limits. He doesn’t even attack Bloomberg for being a dictator because he knows that Mike is a benevolent dictator and one who the City perhaps even needs at this point. There is no doubt that Bloomberg would be the better Mayor, so Thompson is just hoping that New Yorkers will cut off their nose to spite their face.

Ultimately, I will battle the knowledge that Mike will probably win by 20 points over Ruth Messinger… err, I mean Bill Thompson. I’ll get out to my polling station and pull my lever around 8:30 tonight and proudly vote for our Lilliputian Supreme Commander. Not only because he’s the better candidate, but because he’s the best candidate for Mayor that I’m likely ever going to be able to vote for.