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I Heart

November 19th, 2009 Comments off

I do most of my shopping on Amazon and love Amazon Prime (which gives me free 2 day shipping… which I pay for… but do so once a year so it seems like its free). You’ll note that I will link to books and occasionally other items to where you can buy things. I don’t do this because I’m getting a cut (I don’t know how that would work), but because I shop on Amazon.

One of the worst parts of shopping is unpacking (which sometimes makes YouTube unboxing videos a bit more complex). Jeff Bezos, the man who made Amazon a reality and revolutionized shopping, wrote the below letter to customers about efforts to make packaging more buyer friendly.

I experienced this myself just last night on receipt of one of my more recent purchases: CleenFreak comfy shower shoes for the gym. I’ve been having issues with overwearing my flip-flops (both because I sprained a toe and because I’m over 30 and shouldn’t be walking around NYC in flip-flops — it looks immature, as opposed to shower shoes, which just look crazy). Anyways, the shoes arrived in a simple to open plastic bag with a simple to remove plastic keeper-together. Perfectly timed for this queued up post.

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