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Quick Hits: LOST S6, E12 — “Everybody Loves Hugo”

April 14th, 2010 Comments off

Before I get started, I’ll note that I’m under the weather so I’m going to keep this Quick Hits particularly short.  I just finished watching and against Darleton delivered.  We had a solid episode that returned two blasts from the past, as was hinted by Carlton Cuse on his Twitter account.  We received a concise, acceptable answer to one of the Island mysteries.  The candidates merged to move the final storyline towards its terminus.  The Constant moved to fulfill his destiny and, in a final act, we were left utterly slack jawed.

"Everybody Loves Hugo" featured a sideways universe Hurley who had success in life and did well in everything but love.

This episode, as indicated by its title, had a tangential relationship with Season 2’s “Everybody Hates Hugo.”  In that episode, we saw Hugo’s unfortunate and, well, star crossed life.  Even with his winning the lottery, wealth brought great misfortune.  In the alternate, sideways universe, Hurley is the opposite in all but one respect.  He is ambitious, dynamic, successful in his ventures and loved by all.  His one exception is in love.  He remains seemingly self-conscious in that regard.

When set up on a blind date that stands him up, Hugo runs into his only prior love on the Island, the DUI-terminated Libby.  Following her introduction along with the other Tailies, Libby had become a quite popular character; however, her and Ana Lucia met a bitter end at the hand of Michael at the end of Season 2 in “Two for the Road.”  Libby and Hugo were to have their first date on that day and Hugo has yearned for her, and we, as viewers, have pitied him his loss.

Much as Desmond’s experience in meeting Penny Milton drove Desmond toward his eventual destiny in reconnecting from the sideways universe to the Island consciousness, Hugo’s interaction with Libby (prodded on by a later chance — or was it — meeting with Desmond) led him to fulfill their initial beach date, despite several apprehensions.  When Libby kissed Hugo — as when Penny shook Desmond’s hand and when Charlie and Desmond had their near death experiences — everything came rushing back and Hugo began to remember.

For the person that every audience member wishes the best for, seeing Hugo possibly find happiness was a fantastic moment; however, there is some foreboding, knowing that there may be some sacrifice made by the candidates in both the sideways and the Island universe.  One has to wonder how long Hugo’s tide will stay strong.

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