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January 16th, 2014 Comments off
The original Franklin advertisement.

The original Franklin advertisement.

On Thursday, January 16, James Franklin took out ads in the Vanderbilt Hustler and The Tennessean to thank Vanderbilt officially. In his introductory press conference the prior Saturday, he had made some thankful overtures toward David Williams, while ignoring the Vanderbilt community and fan base at large.  The ad itself was lambasted by many as a hollow gesture given his questionable behavior in the week leading up to his departure and a spate of commitment poaching.

As a result, under my Twitter nom de plume, I launched the short-lived meme of #UnpublishedFranklinAds.  Some others pitched in with ideas of their own.  They are presented for your amusement after the jump. Read more…

Coach Hand is unashamed to do the worm

August 8th, 2012 Comments off

More importantly, though, is that he is our dancing fool. #AnchorDown

Click through to check it out. Read more…

The Rise of the Commodore

May 10th, 2012 Comments off

Not a whole lot of description needed as this Video tells the tale itself. Welcome to James Franklin’s Vanderbilt:

Occupy Meme reaches inevitable conclusion with my poor Photoshop skills

October 26th, 2011 Comments off

I’m no Brian @VUGymRat from (the fine chap who came up with the below embedded faux ads for VU basketball), but I tried my hardest with the above.

Click through to see Brian’s work. Read more…

Hotty Toddy, Ackbar Almighty

March 8th, 2010 Comments off

It’s been quite well publicized that Admiral Ackbar is up for the role of mascot for the University of Mississippi, but it isn’t real news anymore until the Taiwanese go all CGI on the news (see, e.g., the Tiger Woods Accident and Spanking footage, as previously chronicled by this site).

My only advice to the good admiral is that this is a trap. The Ole Miss football team is the bottom of the barrel. They’ve got a “student”-athlete who can’t read (“He’s a good boy, he just can’t read“). They try to pretend they can compete in the West, but since Eli left they’ve been closer to Mississippi State than LSU and Bama. And you’ll be leading a fan base that had no problem for years with the idea of waving the Confederate Flag that represented to many African Americans a symbol of oppression and racism (regardless of the fact that it may have represented something different to those waving it).

An English version of the video, after the jump. Read more…

FollowFriday: @LSUFreek on Twitter

January 22nd, 2010 1 comment

This is a character you’re likely to not know unless you’re a participant in college sports message boards.  On the network, in particular, LSUFreek is legendary for providing hilarious animated GIFs.

Terrance Donnels (the man behind the screenname) was recently granted his own domain on to further distribute his images and thoughts.  You can visit that site here, but really all you need to do is follow his Twitter feed @LSUFreek.

Linked after the jump are some of my favorite LSUFreek animated GIFs.  There are a ten of them, so it may take a second to load. Read more…

The Lamb of God is about to get fleeced

January 18th, 2010 Comments off

Here, Tebow is seen ascending above the field while playing the Barn.

There was, apparently, an eleventh commandment.  That commandment instructed that Thou Shalt Not Doubt Tim Tebow. This was certainly true when the Chosen One was at Nease High and walking on water throughout the Swamp in Gainesville.  On his way to two national championships and three appearances (and one win) at the Downtown Athletic Club’s Heisman Awards, Tebow always came out on top, both as a player and as a representative of his Evangelical faith.

Many have run afoul of this commandment throughout the years.  Clay Travis became a pariah when he asked Tebow, straight up, if he was saving himself for marriage at SEC Media Days in Birmingham this past Fall.  Opposing defenses were taught not to doubt the power of the jump pass and Les Miles and crew never quite learned.  In 2008, defensive coordinators were shown you couldn’t try to stack the box against the Holy Moyel’s awkward passing delivery.  And, in a modern day ascension to the draft, Tebow shattered noted headcase Vince Young’s BCS record for total yards in this year’s Sugar Bowl with 533.

If you doubted the power of the Tebow, or the veracity of his faith, you were likely going to come up as a loser.  But that was when the Lamb of God was an All-American amateur — both literally and figuratively.  Clay Travis is questioning his holiness again with an article released Monday noting that Tebow is going to shove his religiosity and beliefs down audiences’ throats with a $2.5M Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad currently scheduled to air on the Super Bowl.


SEC Power Polls Return: Final Football and First Hoops

January 14th, 2010 Comments off

Phil over at Save the Shield and I are continuing to collaborate on the ballot for the power polls hosted by, the Southeastern Conference’s sports blog site.

There’s been some polls taken of late (including the Football All-SEC poll teams) and I’ve been delinquent in posting.  After the jump I’ve got our final, post-bowl Football Ballot and last week’s Hoops’ ballot, which was the first of the year.

Tomorrow I’m going to get back to normal and have this week’s Hoops Power Poll.

Click through to keep on keeping on… Read more…

Oh Lane, whatever shall we do in the SEC without you?

January 13th, 2010 Comments off

I don’t know that there are any Vanderbilt sports fans that aren’t smiling tonight.  None of our teams (not even Women’s Bowling) was active to earn us a smiling victory.  No, for us, Florida fans, Alabama fans, Kentackalacky fans, Georgia fans and South Cackalacky fans it was the news out of Knoxville and Los Angeles.  The University of Southern California (U$C) had decided to replace the departed Pete Carroll with Boy Blunder, himself.


Follow Friday – @NotJayCutler on Twitter

December 11th, 2009 Comments off

I’m a big Jay Cutler fan.  I always have been.  Heck, back in 2005, I took to calling him Jesus H. Cutler.  But there is no way to sweeten the current reality.  The guy has been brutal as a Chicommodore Vanderbear.

And that pain makes it pleasant to laugh, even if at Jay’s expense.  One such way to laugh is to follow @NotJayCutler on Twitter.

Youll note that Jay doesnt say hed never hit a phone booth (even if hes just covering up for a teammate).

You'll note that Jay doesn't say he'd never hit a phone booth (even if he's just covering up for a teammate).