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LOST: “The New Man in Charge”

August 6th, 2010 2 comments

I’ve still yet to finish my finale recap for LOST, so I’m not actually going to watch this yet, myself.  That said, it is the 12 minute epilogue to the series that will appear on the LOST: The Complete Collection Blu Ray Box Set (click the link to order).

[EDIT: Disney cease and desisted the online video of it]

LOST Recap: Episode 5.02 “The Lie”

December 14th, 2009 Comments off
Hugo Reyes is in many ways the audiences member of the cast, providing an unvarnished -- if sometimes unreliable -- view to the course of events.  Courtesy of

Hugo Reyes is in many ways the audience's member of the cast, providing an unvarnished -- if sometimes unreliable -- view to the course of events. Courtesy of

Lost: Season Five arrived last week and I’ll be re-watching the season in anticipation of the launch of the sixth and final year of the show. I didn’t spring for the Blu-ray (I don’t have a player) or the Special Season Five Dharma Initiative Orientation Kit box set, so I’m relying solely on standard DVD. I did hear that the Blu-Ray has excellent special features, notably the Lost University Feature.

Lostpedia is the consummate source for all Lost information, but sadly they lack any concise summary. Rather than attempting to summarize episode plots in great detail, I’m going to simply link to Lostpedia’s summary and give my base thoughts, this time on Episode 5-02, The Lie. For other LOST Recaps, visit the dedicated page here.

“The Lie” is one of the more intriguing episodes in Lost‘s entire run in that it addresses one of the show’s more powerful issues, and yet accomplishes that task in one giant head fake.  It does that by focusing on the character who most provides levity and adds a human, softer element to the cast, as he has done for all five years.  Hugo Reyes is, in many ways, a disregarded, beloved and transcendent character.

Hurley is often treated as not being serious, both by the fan base and by the rest of the players on the island.  Never is this more true than when addressing his ability to be serious.  When explaining his past, even Libby and Charlie struggled to not laugh at the idea of him as a multi-millionaire business-owner (even if by virtue of an ill-fated lottery ticket).  Similarly, his comic appeal and the fact that so few take him seriously among the other characters lead much of the audience to take Hurley for granted… treating him as a sidekick and looking forward to his episodes for more of a laugh than a real intellectual thought process.