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January 16th, 2014 Comments off
The original Franklin advertisement.

The original Franklin advertisement.

On Thursday, January 16, James Franklin took out ads in the Vanderbilt Hustler and The Tennessean to thank Vanderbilt officially. In his introductory press conference the prior Saturday, he had made some thankful overtures toward David Williams, while ignoring the Vanderbilt community and fan base at large.  The ad itself was lambasted by many as a hollow gesture given his questionable behavior in the week leading up to his departure and a spate of commitment poaching.

As a result, under my Twitter nom de plume, I launched the short-lived meme of #UnpublishedFranklinAds.  Some others pitched in with ideas of their own.  They are presented for your amusement after the jump. Read more…

The Rise of the Commodore

May 10th, 2012 Comments off

Not a whole lot of description needed as this Video tells the tale itself. Welcome to James Franklin’s Vanderbilt: