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FollowFriday: @LincolnLuxor on Twitter

November 5th, 2010 Comments off

Ignore the photo and just follow the man

This week’s FollowFriday is a divergence from the more recent. Not only is it the first time I’m promoting a non-Food Truck in a while, but it’s a real, normal, honest-to-goodness person. Furthermore, the follow really is less about Twitter and more about Tumblr.

My man Tate (AKA LincolnLuxor) may have his faults — notably, his insistence on wearing orange once a week and rooting for the Vols — but he’s got his talents as well.  As the author of three Tumblrs which I follow (LincolnLuxor, SECFootball and SECBasketball), he’s proven his wit, his dedication to SEC sports and his masterful talents with the photoshop.

Add in that he, SimplisticEcstacy and I are determined to bring the Tumblr community their fill of SEC sports, funny photoshops, Tennessee thangs and hot Asian chicks, and you’d be remiss not to follow us all.

In any respect, I fully encourage you to follow Tate on Twitter and at his three Tumblrs, linked below:

We’ll work on getting an SEC Baseball one going this Spring.  In the meantime and after the jump, check out two of my favorite collaborations with Tate using his Photoshop skills to bring great ideas to life.

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