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October 15th, 2010 1 comment

The poor image quality was due to shooting from my blackberry as I walked by right after they opened at 11:30AM. I didn't make it back to order until almost 2PM.

My love of the New York food truck is not an affair borne of the City (check out my Food Truck Reviews here).  It was actually this past February when I was out in Los Angeles that I was introduced to the Korean Barbecue Taco Trucks.  I didn’t actually hit the Kogi Taco Truck, but rather found its knockoff competitors (pretty sure it was Kimchi 21, and it was amazing) a few nights, ordering next to a homeless looking Tim Robbins on one of those nights.  Another night, I made the driver’s irony day by ordering a Trailer Trash Dog from Downtown Dog and paying with a $100 bill.

In any respect, I’ve spoken very fondly of my experience with the Schnitzel Truck.  Since visiting it for the first time, I’ve stopped back three more times for two doses of Veal Schnitz (just OK the first time, amazing the second) and a Chicken Schnitz.  One of those Veal Schnitzes was taken on an amazing Ciabatta roll, rather than in platter format.  I’ve also fallen in love with their chickpea salad and Austrian potato salad.  As they Tweeted to me, the Schnitz may not be the healthiest, but the sides are just as good and actually are healthy.

Well, I finally got around to hitting one of the other three must-try Food Trucks in Manhattan, the Mexicue BBQ Taco Truck.  Get my thoughts, after the jump. Read more…