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TED Tuesday: Ideas worth spreading for the week of 6/29

June 29th, 2010 Comments off

A while back when I was a little more gung ho about updating, I posted Michael Shermer’s last TED lecture on strange beliefs.  This time, we’ve got a bit more from the editor of Skeptic Magazine as he discusses the patterns behind self deception.  Filmed at TED2010 in February 2010, Long Beach, CA.

Shermer’s works irks some new atheists in that he accepts the reality of and makes an effort to understand of religious beliefs (being squarely in the skeptic/agnostic column).  I’m not sure I jive with the criticisms, as I feel Shermer’s supposed ambivalence as permitting him the characteristic of empathy.  He tries to not only learn, but also understand why people believe what they experience.

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