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A Compendium of GIFs from ICP’s “Miracles”

April 19th, 2010 3 comments

It would be a little more understandable for someone who grew up without a public education system and the interwebs to be as ignorant as the ICP is.

Sometimes music videos can, in fact, be too good.  A few weeks ago, the Insane Clown Posse, a ridiculous duo from inner city Detroit trailer parks who dress up like clowns while screaming their horrorcore raps [ed. note: I may have to close down this site after realizing I just typed those words], released a touching, pondering video that grasps at one’s heart as you try to fathom just how bad our education system is.

The duo strayed from their normal talks about violence to pen a fitting song about just how little they know about the world.  They even have a line warning scientists and their empirical explanations to stay away because the ICP thinks scientists lie (the ICP also are apparently against climate change scientists).  They actually name a variety of natural phenomena a no things that could even remotely be classified as “miracles.”  It’s almost as ironic as Alanis Morrisette writing a song called “Isn’t it ironic” about a series of coincidences.

The song has taken on minor viral status with features throughout the interwebs, on Attack of the Show and now on Saturday Night Live.  After the jump, I’ve linked the video for those who have been uninitiated.  Also linked are the hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch and a series of my favorite animated GIFs from the interwebs.

Warning, the video includes some bad language (mostly F-bombs) and the page load time will be pretty hearty as the animated gifs are in excess of 10 MB.  Enjoy! Read more…