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From The ISS: The Greatest Show Not On Earth

November 28th, 2011 Comments off

When I first came across this video, my reaction was much like some others: utter astonishment and a few questions as to whether or not it might have been photoshopped. Well, it wasn’t, it just is the majesty of the Earth from just beyond the thin blue line.

It’s also a stark reminder that while the Hubble may get the majority of the press for opening our eyes to both the visible and non-visible beauty of the electro-magnetic spectrum, sometimes the best images are self portraits. Last February, I posted my favorite still self portraits. After the jump, I’ve embedded a video that shares the beauty of that still imagery with the majesty of the time-lapse video.

Believe me, you’re going to enjoy it. Read more…

Photo Favorites: Greatest Photos of Earth

February 23rd, 2011 Comments off

"Blue Marble" by Apollo 17 crew. National Aeronautics and Space Administration. December 7, 1972

Sometimes after a rough week, a round night or seeing your beloved Commodores choke against the Volunteers, you need a little reminder to keep things in perspective. One easy way to do so is by revisiting the mastery of photography that reveals the wonders of the universe. While the Hubble images are often the most powerfully beautiful and the images of Jovian moons from Galileo or Saturnial satellites (particularly Enceladus) by Cassini are awe inspiring, there’s nothing quite like a few images of this world we call home to keep one grounded.

After the jump, I’ve linked three of my favorites and one which I wasn’t previously aware of, posted in chronological order. You’ll likely want to click on at least the first three images to get a bigger view, otherwise you might just miss out on spotting Earth altogether.

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Photo Favorites: Jupiter over Manhattan

September 21st, 2010 Comments off

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Earlier today I noted a few tweets from America’s astrophysicist, Neil DeGrasse Tyson.  NDGT has been excited over a spectacular night for viewing Jupiter both tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday).

Well, as I was walking home amongst the stop lights, the red was emphatically stated with the LED flashes and the red planet glaring down at me.  I was discussing recently how amazing it is that New York’s air quality has improved so much that you can now actually see the stars on a regular basis.  When I was growing up, the incinerator smoke and smog choked out the stars.  No more.  Now we get a real light show and never more so than tonight with Jupiter’s stark clarity and brightness.

OK, so the Leonid meteor shower may be better, but this night still has me yearning for a telescope (and rural living).

Click on through to see a couple of photos I snapped.  Note that you can actually see the red tint of the planet.  Read more…

Photo Favorites: Nico Roig’s tribute to “Relativity”

July 30th, 2010 Comments off

MC Escher’s epic print “Relativity” might be my favorite work of modern art. The original appears here:

Well a Spanish artist named Nico Roig (link to his panorama page) in Barcelona who toys with 360 Panoramas has taken general “Relativity” and made it special “Relativity” with a fantastic tribute. Hop through the jump to check it, and another work out. Read more…

Photo Favorites: Teabonics on Flickr

April 7th, 2010 Comments off

I don’t mean to mock.  I really don’t.  Tea Baggers, as a whole, are no less moronic than the masses of Americans that march for or against something they don’t really understand.  The difference is that the Tea Baggers don’t have eloquent leadership or spellcheckers (or anyone with the simple capacity to tell them that they shouldn’t use “tea bagging” as a verb).

Nevertheless, there is something especially amusing about the typos made by the Tea Baggers… it may be because they have such an affinity for signs and such an incapacity to get them right in both concept and execution.  Over on Flickr, user Pargon has assembled a great pool of 140 photos (and counting) showing some of the greatest Tea Bagger typos.  The slideshow is below.  Enjoy (or cry for America).

Photo Favorites: Time Lapse Easter

April 5th, 2010 Comments off

This past Saturday night was Easter.  I’m not a religious man, but I do attend this service annually.  At midnight, there is the outdoor celebration of Christ’s rising.  This year, it was greeted with the blooming of flowering trees throughout Manhattan.  It made for a nice scene and some fun photography, some with time lapse, none with flash.

Click on through to view some time lapse views. Read more…

Photo Favorites: Forgive

March 22nd, 2010 Comments off

Flickr user awesometown somehow got both the name this blog wanted and also this amazing sunrise photo named Forgive.

Photo Favorites: Khron

December 22nd, 2009 Comments off

Photo courtesy of Khron

Animated GIFs hold a certain, odd fascination for me.  They’re no more impressive than streaming video, but their simplicity and, often, repetition is engrossing.

Few Animated GIF nature albums have impressed me as much as the one I came across on Tumblr and Flickr by Khron:

Flickr website

Tumblr blog

I recommend you check out both.  In the meantime, I’ve placed a few of my favorites after the jump.  They’re big files, so be wary when clicking if you care about a non-fast page download or bandwith.  Total size is about 7.5MB.

Click to view on through Read more…

Photos: Snow in the City

December 21st, 2009 Comments off

Saturday through Sunday, New York was pelted with about a foot of snow.  We escaped with a lot less damage done than DC and even parts of the metropolitan region, but a good snow always can be fun.  Attached are some photos I took on my way to and back from the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

Click through for full size looks and other images. Read more…

Just another lazy Friday… not much going down

December 18th, 2009 Comments off