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TED Tuesday: Ideas Worth Spreading for the Week of 6/26

June 26th, 2012 Comments off

Earlier this year, Encyclopedia Britannica announced that it was shedding the fear of paper cuts and turning itself over solely to anxiety over internet access cuts. The now online-only encyclopedia of record further noted recently that they were looking to adapt a communal, almost wiki form of a community for it’s publication.

For those who grew up with one of their multi-volume sets, it marks an extraordinary end of an era. Despite the wonderment of Encarta95 and wikipedia, itself, the Encyclopedia Britannica was, at worst, one heck of a beauty on your bookshelf. My family still has our circa 1985 set at my parents home.

Nostalgia also struck one of my favorite TED speakers, the poet Rives. Below is his reaction to EB 2.0.

TED Tuesday: Ideas worth spreading for the week of 4/13

April 13th, 2010 Comments off

A new feature I’m going to hopefully get going on the site is linking a couple of lectures from TED that I find worthwhile watching.  Last week, I featured a few pieces on Science, Free-thinking and Religion.  This week is significantly more light-hearted.

We lead it off with a brilliant nine-minute romp by poet John G. Rives, of Def Poetry Jam fame.  His TED2007 lecture, named 4 a.m., is a genius, witty and play-along journey through references to and the interconnectedness of that early morning hour.  March 2007, Monterey, CA.

More entertaining talks, after the jump. Read more…